Top Democrat Claims Obamacare 'A Winner’ Even As Over Half Disapprove


Top Democrat Claims Obamacare Is ‘A Winner’ Even As A New Survey Shows Over Half Disapprove Of The Controversial Law


Top Dem Claims ‘It’s A Winner’

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): ‘I believe that it's a winner’ Q: “Let me just ask, in the current environment in a swing district, is Obamacare a winner or a loser politically?” REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): “Well, you have to ask the member. But I believe that it's a winner.” (Rep. Pelosi, Press Briefing, 3/20/14)


‘Remains Unpopular... 53% Disapprove’

PEW: ‘53% disapprove ... 41% approve.’ “As the four-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act approaches, the law remains unpopular with the public. Currently, 53% disapprove of the 2010 health care law while 41% approve of the law.” (“ACA At Age 4: More Disapproval Than Approval,” Pew Research, 3/20/14)