72% Of Americans See The Individual Mandate As Unconstitutional

72% Believe Obamacare Will Make Things Worse Or Won’t Help


72% Say It’s Unconstitutional

GALLUP: “Americans overwhelmingly believe the ‘individual mandate,’ as it is often called, is unconstitutional, by a margin of 72% to 20%.” (USA Today / Gallup Poll, 2/20-21/12)

“Even a majority of Democrats… believe that provision is unconstitutional.” (USA Today / Gallup Poll, 2/20-21/12)

  • “As you may know, the Supreme Court will hear arguments next month concerning a requirement in the healthcare law that every American must buy health insurance or pay a fine. Regardless of whether you favor or oppose the law, do you think this requirement is constitutional or unconstitutional? All Americans: Constitutional: 20%; Unconstitutional: 72%; Unsure: 7%.” (USA Today / Gallup Poll, 2/20-21/12)


72% Think Obamacare Will Make Things Worse Or Won’t Help

“Americans are less optimistic that the law will improve their family's healthcare situation in the long run, however. Thirty-eight percent expect the law to make their situation worse, compared with 24% who say better.” (USA Today / Gallup Poll, 2/20-21/12)

  • “Now suppose all of the provisions of the healthcare law go into effect in the next few years. In the long run, how do you think the healthcare law would affect your family’s healthcare situation? All Americans: Make better: 24%; Not much difference: 34%; Make worse: 38%.” (USA Today / Gallup Poll, 2/20-21/12)