McConnell, Reid

Defense Appropriations Bill (H.R. 2685)

Senator McConnell: (2:10 PM)

  • Spoke on the defense appropriations bill.
    • "Passing the legislation before us is a way to fulfill a promise that we just made 71-25. That's why nearly every Democrat voted to pass it in committee 27-3. That's why Democrats have hailed this bill as a win-win-win and a victory for each of their states. They know it gives President Obama the same level of funding he asked for. They know it adheres to a bipartisan spending level that both parties agreed to, that President Obama signed into law and that President Obama campaigned on in the last presidential election. So now our friends face the choice. Option one, option one, allow the promise just made to our troops to be fulfilled by voting for a bill they can't stop praising. Option two, break the promise they just made by killing a bill they claim to love, all in the service of some unrelated and completely incomprehensible partisan plan. It's the road to bipartisanship and support for our troops that brought us this far. We shouldn't let partisan politics trip us up now, and we don't have to, not if commonsense Democrats continue to prioritize pay raises and medical care for our troops over some unrelated gamut to funnel more cash to bureaucracies like the I.R.S. and the E.P.A."


Senator Reid: (2:15 PM)

  • Spoke on sequestration.
    • "The people in the armed services while their families are at home want to be protected at an airport, the T.S.A. needs to be funded, the F.B.I. needs to be funded, the drug enforcement administration, homeland security needs to be funded. In the process we need to fund education properly. We need to fund research for health. We need to make sure the National Institutes of Health are not whacked again. They lost $1.6 billion. They've never gotten the money back. Do we want to give them another sequestration? Of course we don't. We have until this fiscal year ends in the fall to work this out. And that's what we should do. We are legislators. I agree with the 52 Republicans that said we should fix sequestration because I agree also. So let's sit down and do what we as legislators are supposed to do. Legislation is the art of compromise. We're not going to get everything we want but the Republicans shouldn't get everything they want and we should not fund this government doing funny money on the defense and doing the really unfunny money on the rest of the government. It is unfair and above all, the Republican Party which used to stand for fiscal responsibility should get fiscally responsible."