Whitehouse, Merkley, Markey, Murray

Motion to Concur in the House Amendment to the Senate Amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill (H.R. 695)

Senator Whitehouse: (4:57 p.m)

  • Spoke on offshore drilling.
    • "Ultimately, the Obama Administration got smart and in the final approval, there was no drilling in the Atlantic, no drilling in the pacific. They gave reasons for their choice. Strong local opposition was one. Conflicts with other ocean uses was another. Market dynamics was a third. And comments received from governors was a fourth. So in the wake of that, here comes the trump administration and they have seriously gone from dumb to dumber to go right back into this fight where it blew up in the Obama Administration's face among the red state communities of the Atlantic coast. Good luck finding support for this up in New England. In new England our ocean economy was valued just a few years ago at over $17 billion."


Senator Merkley: (5:05 p.m)

  • Spoke on offshore drilling.
    • "This, the interior secretary tells us, is part of President Trump's directive to rebuild off shore oil and gas program. But he also conveyed that it was the president's directive to, quote, take into consideration the local and state voices. Well, certainly the draft plan, if you can call it a draft, didn't take into account local or state voices. Had the interior secretary bothered to actually consult, this is what he would have heard from people in Oregon. Our governor Kate Brown denounced the plan saying in what universe would this be okay?"


Senator Markey: (5:13 p.m)

  • Spoke on offshore drilling.
    • "We need to drill off of our beaches, notwithstanding what that will do to our tourism industry, to our fishing industry, to any industry that does business along the coastlines of our country. And ultimately, what would be the purpose to which this oil would be put? Export the oil. So how does that formula really work? The oil companies come to the beaches of Massachusetts or any other state. They set up rigs that start to drill for oil. They find the oil. And then they sell that oil somewhere else around the world. Meanwhile, the people who live off of those beaches in Massachusetts or any other state, they run all the risk if there is an accident, as there was in the gulf of Mexico in 2010 in the B.P oil spill."


Senator Murray: (5:22 p.m)

  • Spoke on offshore drilling.
    • "They support a $50 billion maritime economy and nearly 200,000 maritime-related jobs, not to mention countless families and travelers who are seeking outdoor recreation and flock to our shores throughout the year. To experience the natural beauty and sport of our iconic shorelines. To put it simply, Washingtonians don't take our healthy coasts for granted. We know keeping our shores pristine isn't just about leisure and scenic views. Preserving our coastal waters is a critical factor in promoting a healthy regional ecosystem and an economy that supports vital jobs and industries, fish and wildlife, and public health opportunities that many of us, our families and our friends and neighbors rely on."