Merkley, Murkowski, Cornyn, Toomey

Motion to Concur in the House Amendment to the Senate Amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill (H.R. 695)

Senator Merkley: (3:04 p.m)

  • Spoke on paid family leave.
    • "And that certainly is the case when we take a look at the issue of the family and medical leave act, the FMLA. This is an act passed 25 years ago. And it was a major step forward at striking the better balance for good working conditions. And let's revisit a little bit the debate that occurred 25 years ago in preparation for the consideration of that act. Well, many folks today don't realize that the opportunity to to take unpaid time off, to be with a child or be with a loved one who is very sick or family member who's dying, it's something that came out of the FMLA 25 years ago. "


Senator Murkowski: (3:28 p.m)

  • Spoke in tribute to the Lucky Wishbone.
    • "I think every community has one, the iconic American diner. Its definition, as has been officially outlined, is, quote, a friendly place, usually mom and pop with a sole proprietor that serves basic home-cooked fresh food for good value. This is sort of an official definition. It was coined by a gentleman named Richard Gutman who is regarded as the curator and expert on all things diner. In 1955, four years before Alaska won statehood, our very own iconic American diner opened in Anchorage. It was called the Lucky Wishbone. It was a friendly place. It featured pan-fried chicken, real cheeseburgers, great milkshakes, by the way, and French fries that had been cut from potatoes just that morning. Fitting squarely within Gutman's definition, it was a mom and pop."


Senator Cornyn: (3:54 p.m)

  • Spoke on government funding legislation.
    • "And I appreciate Governor Abbott of Texas as well as the Senate Appropriations Committee for working with us to help us strengthen the house bill. My fellow Texans who were hit by hurricane Harvey last August have been waiting patiently along with all the folks that face the fury of Mother Nature in Florida and California and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. And it's simply been unacceptable to see the delay in getting the relief that they need to them. But now we have the chance to stand up finally in a bipartisan fashion and to show them not only that we remember what they've been through, but that more help is on the way."


Senator Toomey: (4:03 p.m)

  • Spoke in tribute to the Philadelphia Eagles.
    • "For the season and the fact that Nick Foles was able to step in and guide the team not just into the playoffs, not just through the playoffs, but all the way to the super bowl and to a super bowl victory against the New England Patriots, it's the stuff legends are made of. Mr. President, the Philadelphia Eagles are an historic franchise. Some of the best players in the history of the game have worn the green and white. Names like Van Brocklin and White and Dawkins come to mind. Well, this super bowl is also for all of these great players who put on the eagles Jersey over the years. I'll conclude with this. If you listen to sports radio in Philadelphia, most of eastern Pennsylvania, you learn the passion of the fan base is really extraordinary."
  • Spoke on tax reform.
    • "They, like other small businesses, get to discount by 20% their net income and only pay tax on the other 80%. That frees up cash flow for this business and businesses all across America to go out and purchase new equipment, to invest in their employees, to grow their business, to hire more workers, to raise wages. And that's exactly what's happening. It's happening there at Jed pools, but it's also happening really across the country."