Barrasso, Brown, Capito

Executive Session (Pizzella Nomination)

Senator Barrasso: (1:20 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State.
    • "We all heard about Mike Pompeo's impressive qualifications for the job. First in his class at West Point, Harvard Law School, director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Mr. President, he's got the intelligence, he's got the integrity, and he's got the experience to serve as America's secretary of state. As a former member of congress, he certainly understands how policy decisions get made and the key importance of congressional oversight. As head of the C.I.A. he clearly understands the crucial role that the intelligence community plays in preserving America's national security. As a soldier, as a soldier he understands the consequences of decisions that get made in Washington, D.C. Now, I've traveled with Mike Pompeo to meet with world leaders, national security conferences. He knows the issue, he knows the people, and he is the right person for this job."


Senator Brown: (1:44 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the Fair Housing Act.
    • "Many of these exclusionary practices were carried out by private entities and local governments. But as Richard Rosstein reminds us in his book "The Color of Law" and I recommend everybody listening that they read that book, as Richard Rossstein reminds us in his book "The Color of Law" federal policies also played a role, a significant role in reinforcing segregation. From 1934 through 1962, three years, three decades, 98% of all F.H.A. mortgages went to white homeowners. 98% in a country that in those days was about 10% African American. 98% of mortgage went to homeowners. The Fair Housing Act made this despicable discrimination illegal. It required that federal housing and urban development grants be administered in a way that, quote, would administer, it would affirmatively further fair housing."


Senator Capito: (2:00 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Andrew Wheeler to be Deputy Administrator of the E.P.A.
    • "His wealth of knowledge of working on environmental policy in the public and private sector are just incredible, I think. The knowledge and experience will be a tremendous asset to the agency and to the American people. He understands as a - watching policy being made and helping policy being made, and then transitioning to the private sector and how that policy influences the private sector as well. He's had an active hand in environmental energy and infrastructure policy on both the achievements, the debates, probably some of the failures that we've had as well as the nominations of numerous presidential nominees. Andrew will start with a head start here. He'll hit the ground running and that's what we need at the E.P.A."