Opening Remarks

Today -

  • The Senate will convene at 9:30 a.m.
  • Following leader remarks, Senator Paul or his designee will be recognized to make a motion to proceed to S. Con. Res. 36, the Paul budget resolution.
  • There will be 90 minutes of debate on the motion, with 45 minutes controlled by Senator Paul or his designee and 45 minutes controlled by the minority leader or his designee.
  • Following the use or yielding back of that time, the Senate will VOTE in relation to the motion to proceed to S. Con. Res. 36, the Paul budget resolution.
  • Note: on Thursday, May 17, cloture was filed on Executive Calendar #847, Gina Haspel, of Kentucky, to be Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.


Senator McConnell: (9:34 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Gina Haspel to be C.I.A. Director.
    • "Throughout the process, she demonstrated candor, integrity, and a forthright approach to the committee's questions. She displayed the talent and expertise that make her uniquely qualified to face America's biggest national security challenges, whether in the area of counterterrorism or renewed international competition among great powers. Out of the spotlight, whether at Langley or deployed abroad, Miss Haspel has quietly earned the respect and admiration of those who matter most. That's the men and women of the C.I.A. and distinguished current and former intelligence community leaders. The safety and security of the American people depend on capable intelligence, leadership. Gina Haspel is the right woman at the right time. Senators on both sides of the aisle agree."
  • Spoke on the Republican economic agenda.
    • "For eight years Democrats pushed a one-size-fits-all agenda that heaped outsize benefits on the largest cities and left the rest of the country struggling to catch up. Now, main street businesses across America feel the wind is at their backs so they're expanding their operations, buying more equipment, and hiring new workers. For too long taxpayers grappled with an outdated federal tax code that seemed to keep more of their hard earned income every year. Now thanks to Republican tax reform, working families are seeing paychecks grow, special bonuses hit their bank accounts, and will send thousands of dollars less to the I.R.S. next year."
  • Spoke in tribute to Brendan Dunn.
    • "Brendan has been my trusted advisor on issues including tax policy, bank and trade and pensions so I'm just glad his last few months in office could be so calm and laid back. All he had to do was play the leading role in crafting generational tax reform and help steer it across the finish line. Oh, and then came Dodd-Frank reform for good measure. So this Maryland native holds degrees from Holy Cross, Fordham, Georgetown, and Notre Dame but you wouldn't know that this unassuming leader and reliable source of comic relief holds a J.D. and P.h.D. in political philosophy unless you needed to."