Opening Remarks

Senator McConnell: (10:28 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the pending nominations.
    • "Even with eight years as the assistant secretary of labor for administration and management and four years as a Senate-confirmed member of the Federal Labor Relations Authority, this dedicated public servant saw his confirmation process play out in a manner that's become all too familiar. Months of waiting on the Senate calendar. Months of obstruction by our Democratic colleagues. Months of needless vacancy in this critical agency position. After this morning's vote, Mr. Pizzella can finally get to work, but the same story of obstruction applies to the next nomination on the slate as well. Andrew Wheeler, he is ready and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, to clock in as the deputy administrator of the E.P.A."
  • Spoke on Republican economic policy.
    • "Now, on another matter, I've been speaking all week about the stark difference between the Obama Administration's economic policy and the pro-growth agenda this Congress and president have been putting in place. Our eight years our Democratic friends' so-called economic recovery hardly made it past our nation's biggest and richest cities. Democratic policies largely failed the millions of working Americans who live in our small towns and suburbs, smaller cities, and rural areas. Not so with this Republican Congress and this Republican president. Already our inclusive opportunity agenda is bringing new energy, new optimism, and new growth to all of those forgotten parts of our country."
  • Spoke on hemp production.
    • "During the recent state work period, I stood with Kentucky's Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles to announce my intention to introduce new legislation on this subject. So today we're introducing the Hemp Farming Act of 2018. It will build on the success of recent pilot programs and take a big step toward growth and more innovation. As I traveled across Kentucky, I've spoken with farmers, manufacturers, and small business owners. Time and again, they shared with me their enthusiasm for hemp's potential to reenergize agricultural communities and provide a new spark to the U.S. economy."