Warren, Cornyn, Donnelly, Brown

Executive Session (McWilliams Nominations)

Senator Warren: (11:01 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Brian Montgomery to be an Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
    • "One month after leaving the F.H.A., Mr. Montgomery founded and became vice chairman of a new company called Collingwood Group, known in the housing 
      finance industry as a specialist in helping firms navigate F.H.A.-related penalties and lawsuits. Hey, who better to navigate the rules at the F.H.A. than the guy who just used to be in charge of the F.H.A. One of their clients was Wells Fargo. They were in trouble for defrauding F.H.A., and in 2016, paid H.U.D. a $1.2 billion fine. That's billion with a B. Wells Fargo admitted that from 2001 to 2008 it had lied to the F.H.A. about whether certain loans were eligible for F.H.A. insurance. Mr. Montgomery was in charge of the F.H.A. From 2006 to 2008 and let that fraud happen."
  • Spoke on the nominations of Jelena McWilliams to be chair and a member of the FDIC.
    • "Donald Trump's Wall Street mercenaries have taken aim at a lot of post-crisis rules, and everything we know about Ms. McWilliams suggests that she will support those efforts. Here's what's on the agenda. First, there's the Volcker rule which prohibits banks from gambling with grandma's checking account. Banks are looking to scrap this rule even though they are raking in, literally, record profits, but the FDIC has to agree before there are any changes. As soon as Ms. McWilliams is confirmed, bingo. Sorry, grandma."


Senator Cornyn: (11:17 a.m.)

  • Spoke on Memorial Day.
    • "This weekend we honor those who have fought on the front lines of battle and made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the United States of America. These men and women represent America at its best, a nation that is restless and unwavering in combating tyranny and defending human rights and liberty across the globe, a nation that is unafraid to call evil by its name and then work to eradicate it through force, if necessary, even at great cost to ourselves and our people. Today in advance of the holiday weekend I want to say thank you to the 200,000 military men and women stationed in my state, the state of Texas, and to the 1.7 million veterans who call Texas home."


Senator Donnelly: (11:25 a.m.)

  • Spoke on Memorial Day.
    • "As we approach Memorial Day, this is a time to honor our fallen soldiers and to reflect on the enormous sacrifice that the men and women have made for us. I rise today to recognize the service and ultimate sacrifice of four Hoosier service members who gave their lives defending our country in the last year. The sacrifice of Ryan Larry, Jonathan Hunter, Mark Bonner and Clayton Cullen will not be forgotten."


Senator Brown: (11:46 a.m.)

  • Spoke on Dodd-Frank.
    • "The lobbyists going in and out out of Senator McConnell, Leader McConnell's office, the lobbyists going to the White House looks like a retreat for Wall Street executives. This body just falls all over itself. We always have to help Wall Street. 80% of the tax cut bill was passed last year, 80% of that bill over the next seven or eight years will go to the richest 1% of the country, as if they need the help, Mr. President. That giveaway to the big banks that the president is going to sign tomorrow, this comes on the heels of a $1.5 trillion - how much is $1 billion? A billion is 1,000 million. A tax cut for millionaires, more likely billionaires, that control one political party in this body."
  • Spoke on the nominations of Jelena McWilliams to be chair and a member of the FDIC.
    • "She hasn't lived in Ohio very long. I know she's moved back. She's been nominated to be the chair of of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. She's never supported the need for strong rules. And her nomination hearing she acknowledge the rule that the -- what are we going to do, blame the economy gag in the toilet, blame the fact that millions of Americans lost jobs, millions of Americans had their homes foreclosed on, billions and billions and billions of dollars were lost from seniors' retirement accounts. We're going to blame on them?"