Wrap Up (The Senate Stands Adjourned), McConnell

Wrap Up

Monday, June 22 –

  • The Senate will convene at 3:00 PM.
  • Following leader remarks, the Senate will be in morning business until 5:00 PM, with senators permitted to speak for up to ten minutes each.
  • At 4:00 PM, there is a filing deadline for all first-degree amendments to both H.R. 2146, the legislative vehicle for the Trade Promotion Authority, and H.R. 1295, the preferences and Trade Adjustment Assistance bill.
  • At 5:30 PM, the Senate will conduct up to two confirmation VOTES on:
  1. Executive Calendar #156, Peter V. Neffenger, to be an assistant secretary of Homeland Security; and
  2. Executive Calendar #124, Daniel R. Elliott III, to be a member of the Surface Transportation Board.
  • Note: Cloture has been filed on both H.R. 2146 and H.R. 1295.


Senator McConnell: (6:46 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "So here are the next steps. In the judgment of members of both parties in the House and in the Senate, our best way forward now is to consider T.P.A. and T.A.A. separately. That means T.A.A. will come second after T.P.A., but the votes will be there to pass it reluctantly, not happily, but they will be there if it means getting something far more important accomplished for the American people. To that end, I just filed cloture on the motion to concur with the House-passed T.P.A. bill. I then filed cloture on the AGOA and preferences bill with an amendment that adds to that bill T.A.A. This puts the Senate on a procedural glide path to consider and then pass the T.P.A. bill, the AGOA and preferences bill and T.A.A. And so assuming everyone has a little faith and votes the same way as they did just a few weeks ago, we'll be able to get all of those bills to the president soon. I know there's a fourth bill too, a customs bill. Given the complex and thorny procedural processes at work on that bill, we'll have to turn to that one as soon as we're able, but we will turn to it."