McConnell, Alexander, Thune

Unemployment Insurance Extesion (S. 1845)

Senator McConnell: (2:02 PM)
  • Spoke on Senate rules and procedure.
    • SUMMARY "The committee process today in the United States senate is a shadow of what it used to be. Thereby marginalizing, reducing the influence of every single member of the senate on both sides of the aisle. Major legislation is now routinely drafted not in committee but in the Majority Leader's conference room and then dropped on the floor with little or no opportunity for members to participate in the amendment process, virtually guaranteeing a fight. Now, there's a lot of empty talk around here about the corrosive influence of partisanship. Well, if you really want to do something about it, you should support a more robust committee process. That's the best way to end the permanent sort of "Shirts against skins" contest the senate has become. Bills should go through committee."
Senator Alexander: (2:44 PM)
  • Spoke on Senate rules and procedure.
    • SUMMARY "How important are the - is it to be able to offer an amendment? Well, the people of Tennessee - serving in the senate today is like being invited to join the Grand Ole Opry and not being allowed to sing. People of Tennessee expect me to have an opinion on their behalf about Obamacare, about Iran, about all of the - how to help unemployed Americans get a job, about the minimum wage or the lack of it. They expect me to have a say about that not because they want to hear me but because I'm their voice."
Senator Thune: (3:04 PM)
  • Spoke on Senate rules and procedure.
    • SUMMARY "The leader talked a lot about things that used to be taken for granted around here, the committee process working and functioning where committees reported legislation out and worked on it, brought it to the floor. An amendment process where when legislation got to the floor it could actually be debated, amendments offered, amendments voted on, individual senators having the opportunity to offer amendments. And to be the voices that our people elect us to be here in the United States senate. And unfortunately, in many respects the current senate, the wheels have come off. We find ourselves with the process typically the amendment tree is filled which blocks amendments from being offered. And perhaps the best fact toyed with regard to - factoid with regard to that is there have only been four republican amendments voted on since July. A half a year in the united States senate, four republican amendments voted on in the United States senate."
  • Spoke on Obamacare.
    • SUMMARY "As the last few months have made clear, Obamacare is making things worse for millions of Americans. Huge premium increases and soaring out-of-pocket costs means families will have to take money they would have used to pay for a home or college instead. Crippling mandates on employers means fewer jobs available or reduced hours for workers. As if the economic problems caused by the law weren't enough, recent weeks have made clear that the quality, quality of care is likely to diminish thanks to the president's health care law. Contrary to the President's promise that you can keep the doctor you had and like millions of Americans are discovering that they will be losing their doctors this year and that their choice of replacement is limited. Why? Because Obamacare provides an incentive for insurers to limit the pool of doctors and I might add hospitals as well, that you can visit. The President's health care law placed a number of new burdens on insurers from new taxes to a new requirement that everyone with preexisting conditions be covered at the same rate as healthy individuals. On top of that the law gives states the authority to tell insurance companies how much they're allowed to charge for their health plans. As a result insurance companies are facing new ways to pay for increases. That is limiting their network of doctors and hospitals."