Hatch, Wyden, Brown

Vehicle for Trade Promotion Authority (H.R. 2146)

Senator Hatch: (10:18 AM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "Now it is time to finish the work to pass this bill and get it to the president's desk. We need this bill to ensure that our constituents' voices are heard in the trade negotiating process. We need this bill to give our trade negotiators the tools they need to get a good deal. And we need this bill to extend access to foreign markets so we can grow our economy and create good, high-paying jobs here at home. That is what this bill is all about and why we have been working on this process for so long. We're very close to the finish line. We need just one more burst of energy and a few more steps to get us there. I urge all of my colleagues who support free trade, open markets and the advancement of American values and interests abroad to join me once again in supporting T.P.A. and working with me and with my colleague, Senator Wyden, to get all the pending trade bill passed in the Senate and signed into law."


Senator Wyden: (10:25 AM)

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    • "In my view, the Congress has an opportunity with this legislation to show that it can work in a bipartisan way to take on one of the premier economic challenges of our time. Our job is to get past the policies of the 1990's and move towards getting trade done right. Colleagues, let's pry open foreign markets and send more of our exports abroad. Let's fight for the American brand and the Oregon brand against the trade cheats and the bad actors who are blocking our way. And let's raise the bar for American values and open up our trade policies to sunlight. I urge all in the Senate to vote "Yes" on cloture today and to support this package as it advances this week and be in effect we get three of the important bills done this week and set in motion the fourth."


Senator Brown: (10:42 AM)

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    • "There is no question people lose jobs because of decisions we make. So our answer, anything short of providing for those workers who lose their jobs today - not doing this on a promise. We are basically trusting the majority leader who doesn't really like, I understand, doesn't much like the Trade Adjustment Assistance program. We are relying on the word of Speaker Boehner who doesn't particularly like Trade Adjustment Assistance. We know that most of the members of his party in the House of Representatives don't particularly like Trade Adjustment Assistance. So we are going to rely on their promise - we are voting today on the fly. We are saying to workers in this country, yeah, we've made decisions that may have cost you jobs. We're going to try to help you when you lose that job, but we're still going to go ahead today and do that. That's why I ask my colleagues to vote no on this motion today to invoke cloture on Trade Promotion Authority."