Durbin, Schumer

Executive Session (Johnson Nomination)

Senator Durbin: (10:14 a.m.)

  • Spoke in tribute to Sen. John McCain.
    • "I've lost a friend. America owes John McCain, his family our gratitude and respect for his courage and sacrifice and for the trials he endured to serve the nation that he loved. John came into this world with big shoes to fill. His father and grandfather were four-star admirals in the United States Navy. John McCain met and exceeded his family legacy. I first met him 35 years ago. In 1982, we were brand-new freshmen congressmen elected to the U.S. House. I spotted him on the other side of the floor in the Senate and of course knew instantly who he was and worked up the courage to go over and introduce myself."


Senator Schumer: (10:29 a.m.)

  • Spoke in tribute to Sen. John McCain.
    • "His friendship, his service, his integrity, his career in the Senate. One of the ways to carry on his memory is for us to try to live up to the expectations he had for the senate, expectations he shared with us even in his waning days. To act with more humility, to ignore the critics, to put aside our differences when necessary, learn to trust each other more. In Senator McCain's memory, we can try to live by those principles and make the Senate a place where, despite the noisy din of politics, progress can still be made. That's a sentiment that I hope will long outlast the memorials, tributes, and observances this week."
  • Spoke on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.
    • "Recently declaring some documents personal rather than presidential records, a determination that we have been given no basis for. Judiciary Republicans went even further in their efforts to conceal Judge Kavanaugh's record by labeling another small portion of those documents "Committee Confidential." So of the 6%, close to a third cannot be seen by anyone but members of the Judiciary Committee, and they can't talk about it to others. That's 4% of Kavanaugh's record being made public. And there is no guidelines, no rules as to which 4% is being made public and which 96% is being withheld."