Barrasso, Daines, Murphy

Executive Session (Rettig Nomination)

Senator Barrasso: (3:19 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.
    • "They could tell us a lot about how a nominee thinks about how he or she might approach the job of being a justice. It's especially important when that person under consideration has never served as a judge before, and sometimes that's all we have to look at, but that's not the case here with Judge Kavanaugh. Judge Kavanaugh has served on the circuit court for 12 years, and he has written opinions in over 300 cases. If anyone wants to know what he will act like as a judge, then they can just look at how he has already acted as a judge for the past dozen years. These documents, these opinions that he wrote in the 300 cases in the court in which he is serving, these are documents that matter."


Senator Daines: (3:26 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the minibus conference report.
    • "The legislative branch portion of the conference report allocates funding in an appropriate manner. It promotes government transparency as well as increasing security here at the Capitol complex. And this is very important. In support of good government, this agreement includes a provision known as e-file, which requires U.S. Senate candidates to file campaign finance reports electronically directly with the federal election commission, as every other federal candidate must do. Not only does this provision increase transparency, it will reduce bureaucratic inefficiency, and it's going to save about a million dollars in taxpayer funds."           


Senator Murphy: (3:30 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the minibus conference report.
    • "I give him great are credit for adding so much and be a great partner in all of this. I don't really need to go through all of the important initiatives that Senator Daines already did, maybe I will spend a minute doing so. But I will note that we made progress on some issues that have been stalled in the legislative appropriations committee for a long time, such as intern pay or the requirement to file campaign finance reports online. I think because we were able to do this budget on its own with a real process, with a real committee debate, and with a real conference committee."