Schumer, Collins, Cornyn

The minibus appropriations bill (H.R. 6157)

Senator Schumer: (10:50 a.m.)

  • Spoke on Supreme Court Vacancy.
    • "I know that chairman Grassley and leader Mcconnell hold all the cards in terms of scheduling hearings, but the plain facts of the case should compel them to the same conclusion I have reached, the judiciary committee should postpone judge Kavanaugh's hearings. At this moment in our nation's history the senate should not confirm a man to the bench who believes that presidents are virtually beyond accountability, even in criminal cases. A man who believes that presidents are virtually above the law and only congress can check a president's power. Over the past year, despite numerous abuses of presidential authority, despite numerous encroachments on the separation of powers, despite numerous attacks on the rule of law, this Republican congress has done almost nothing, nothing, to check this president."
  • Spoke on Michael Cohen's recent plea deal.
    • "Already there have been four guilty pleas or verdicts, dozens of indictments. The idea of calling special counsel Mueller's investigation a witch hunt was already absurd and laughable, becomes even more so today. Second, the president should not even consider pardoning, - consider pardoning Mr. Manafort or Cohen at any point in the future. To do so would be the most flaying ant abuse of party power and a clear obstruction of justice. The Rosenstein Mueller investigation must be permitted to complete its work and the president must resist the impulse to interfere with pardons, or anything other that prevents the work of the justice department from going forward."


Senator Collins: (11:01 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the minibus appropriations bill.
    • "The bill will provide a $60 million increase for the national institute for diabetes and digestive kidney disorders at N.I.H. As the N.I.H.'s lead agency for diabetes research, this continued investment is critical to preventing diabetes, improving the lives of more than 30 million Americans, including 12 million seniors already living with the disease, as well as providing the foundation to ultimately discover a cure for type one diabetes. This bill provides $3.7 billion in the fight against the opioid epidemic that is gripping our country. Sadly, in my state of Maine, the crisis has actually worsened with drug-related overdoses claiming the lives of 407 people in Maine last year, according to the new statistics from the centers for disease prevention and control."


Senator Cornyn: (11:18 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the minibus appropriations bill.
    • "The army chose Austin because it wanted to be close to a hub of innovation which Austin certainly is these days. It has roughly 6,500 high-tech companies nestled among who is affection Natalie referred to as the silicon hills. We have the Silicon Valley and we have the silicon hills. There are major academic institutions nearby like Texas State, St. Andrews and Texas A&M with thousands of students graduating each year in stem fields, science, technology, engineering and math. It's also worth noting Austin has become a hub for start-up culture and is ground zero when it comes to youthful talent, technological ingenuity and ideas that are changing industries of what are normal - institutions of what are normal ways of doing things in the past. What sometimes people refer to as disruption, certainly we've seen that but Austin, let's not forget, is also a military city."