Executive Session (Ring Nomination)

Senator Murray: (4:03 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the gender pay gap.
    • "It's wrong. It's harmful. And it has to change. And what's even more unacceptable is women of color the pay gap is even worse. African American women working full time only make 63 cents for every dollar their white male colleagues make. And Latinas on average earn 54 cents for every dollar their white male colleagues make. The wage gap doesn't just hurt women. It hurts families and our economy. Women actually are the sole or co-breadwinner in two-thirds of families with children."
  • Spoke on the nomination of John Ring to be a member of the National Labor Relations Board.
    • "Mr. President, I want to turn to the unprecedented nature in which we are jamming this nominee through. It is standard practice that board nominees are always confirmed in pairs, one Democrat, one Republican. We do this so we keep the board as fair and balanced as possible in hopes that workers have a fair hearing when corporations violate their rights or bargain in bad faith. Because the board is the only place workers can turn to to enforce their rights under the National Labor Relations Act, workers cannot sue in court."