Schumer, Blunt, Isakson

Executive Session (Clark Nomination)

Senator Schumer: (10:22 a.m.)

  • Spoke on Hurricane Michael.
    • "First, let me say to the people of Florida, Georgia, and everyone else affected by Hurricane Michael that our thoughts and hearts are with you. Having lived and worked through the recovery from Hurricane Sandy in my home state of New York, remembering vividly the anguish of families who lost their homes and businesses the day or two after, and then realizing it took years for areas of New York and Long Island to recover, we're still in the process of recovering."
  • Spoke on the short-term insurance CRA.
    • "It's terrible, terrible thinking, once again siding with big, powerful special interests, not the average person. The only people who want these junk insurance plans are two groups - the insurance companies and the right-wing ideologues who believe that the government shouldn't be in health care at all. They want to cut Medicare, they want to cut Medicaid. They want to cut social security. That's who it is. So let us remember the junk insurance plans are hardly worth the paper they are printed on. They lower consumers in with low premiums, but the deductibles are so high, the co-pays are so high, the coverage so skimpy that the plans hardly offer any benefit to the consumer at all."


Senator Blunt: (10:31 a.m.)

  • Spoke on FAA reauthorization.
    • "So the traveling public, the F.A.A. itself, the Department of Transportation and the airlines, the carriers of both people and freight have an understanding of what the next five years should look like. Now, one of the things that will happen during the time that begins right now is that the Senate and the House listened, the president listened to the traveling public about their concerns about what happens on airplanes and in airports. This is a bill that I worked with, along with Senator Cantwell. We were the chairman of the subcommittee, the Aviation Subcommittee. Our chairman, Senator Thune, and our ranking member, Senator Nelson, worked almost two years to get this bill to where it was when the president signed it to address safety and security and, actually, the comfort of the traveling public."


Senator Isakson: (10:41 a.m.)

  • Spoke on Hurricane Michael.
    • "Florida was hit worst last night but now it is going over South Carolina and now North Carolina who just came back from almost the worst storm in history. We had so much rain. They are recovering and doing it nicely. They are doing a good job with it. Everybody knows that the acts of nature and act of God, we have to do what we could to protect our citizens. I ask that everyone there pays close attention to what their emergency management people say, if they tell them to evacuate they should or hunker down, they should."
  • Spoke on veterans.
    • "First of all, starting two years ago, Senator Tester, who is the ranking member on the committee and myself, sat down and made a pledge that we want to work together from the beginning to address the tough issues that have been put behind the backdoor for a long time, hadn't been dealt with, and we've done that. In fact, we tackled every single one much them except one which we will tackle in a couple of weeks and in so doing we helped our veterans and the help of the president as well. President Trump embraced our committee's work from the beginning."