Perdue, Cornyn, Hatch

The farm bill (H.R. 2)

Senator Perdue: (10:37 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the farm bill.
    • "People sent me up here three years ago, madam president, and they said look, we need to go there and get something done. I said okay, fine. You know we have two opposing views in Washington, so that means you're going to have to compromise. I made the comment that no one gets everything they want. I reminded people, I am married. This is something that is the American way. I come from the American business community. I can tell you nobody gets 100% of everything they want in any deal. That's what we are here talking about today. This is a bill that moves this agenda forward. It provides certainty. And that's what this is about for our agricultural industry. It's not about subsidies, it's not about protection. It's about certainty. It's about protecting a strategic industry in our country."


Senator Cornyn: (11:19 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the upcoming Supreme Court vacancy.
    • "And as the news has pointed out, after Sandra Day O'Connor left the court, he's been the pivotal fifth vote in a lot of significant cases which is to say you can't really typecast Justice Kennedy. But I do believe he has remained committed to upholding the integrity of the legal system throughout the course of his career. And I can say as a former state supreme court justice myself, I know the work he has been doing has been painstaking, time consuming, and extraordinarily important all at the same time. So I want to express my gratitude on behalf of my constituents to Justice Kennedy for his willingness, ability, and determination to carry out that work."
  • Spoke on CFIUS.
    • "This confirms the committee on foreign investment in the united States. And our adversaries around the world have simply figured ways to gain foreign investment in the United States to get access to intellectual property and the know-how, to duplicate that property surreptitiously, taking advantage of the gaps in the committee on foreign investments jurisdiction. So we were updating that legislation. It passed unanimously out of the Banking Committee. It passed then out of the Armed Services Committee. And now is a part of the Senate-passed defense authorization bill."


Senator Hatch: (11:30 a.m.)

  • Spoke in tribute to retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.
    • "From McDonald v. Chicago to Citizens United v. F.E.C. he rightly gained a reputation as the Supreme Court's swing vote. Sometimes he sided with the court's liberal wing. Other times he sided with the conservatives, but he always sided with what he believed to be the correct interpretation of the law. What more could we ask for from a judge in throughout his public service Justice Kennedy has mentioned a generation of jurists who went on to become -- he mentored a generation of jurists who went on to become luminaries in their own right. Not least among them is Justice Gorsuch, a former Kennedy clerk, and now serves as his equal on the Supreme Court."