Reed, Klobuchar, Brown

Motion to Proceed to the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (H.R. 1865)

Senator Reed: (12:22 p.m.)

  • Spoke on Liberian refugees.
    • "This horrific conflict ended with the departure from power of former President Taylor who is currently serving a 50-year prison sentence by the Special Court of Sierra Leone for war crimes. Liberia had fewer than 200 licensed doctors to contend with the Ebola outbreak. Throughout this suck assess of conflict and tragedy, Liberians who sought refuge in the United States have had the option to remain here lawfully under T.P.S. or D.E.D. while conditions remained unstable in Liberia. But this is not amnesty. In order to participate, these Liberians are required to pass periodic background investigations, pay hundreds of dollars in fees, and stay out of trouble with the law."


Senator Klobuchar: (12:37 p.m.)

  • Spoke on Liberian refugees.
    • "Some of them had health care experience in Liberia before they came to Minnesota. So they are a thriving community who has integrated well into our state, into Rhode Island. And we are a state that unemployment rate is somewhere around 3% and even lower in some of the areas where this community is working. And it would literally be a big jolt to our economy, and not to mention immoral if they were suddenly deported and lost the legal status that they have had literally for decades. So unlike some of the other things we talk about with people that maybe just came here - and I've worked so hard on the dreamers to get them a path to citizenship - this is a pretty unique situation, and so we hope the administration will be practical about that."
  • Spoke on military spouses.
    • "That makes moving a lot easier. Unfortunately, this convenience does not apply to a service member spouse unless they were living together at the same residence before they got married. So in other words, if you were not living with your service member before you got married, you have to establish residency every single time your family gets moving orders from the military. From filing taxes or registering to vote, a military family then has double the paperwork and stress each time they move. This is a loophole that must be fixed. Why would we make it harder for the spouses of those who are making a sacrifice by having their loved one serve overseas and not make it easier for them to vote and to pay their taxes and to basically be the citizen that they deserve to be?"
  • Spoke on Russian election interference.
    • "That is why Senator Lankford and I have led a bill to take the amount of money which is just 3% of one aircraft carrier to invest it in our states, to let them on a decentralized basis, their own decisions about the kind of equipment they want, to be able to upgrade it, because 40 of our states have not upgraded their equipment in ten years. Ten of our states do not even have backup paper ballots. So what would happen if they were hacked, as they got so close the last time? Well, there would be no way to prove what actually happened. You would have to vote again. That is why we have Democrats and Republicans supporting this effort."


Senator Brown: (12:55 p.m.)

  • Spoke in tribute to Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.
    • "I rise today to honor my colleague and my long-time close friend Marcy Kaptur. Marcy Kaptur serves on the other side of the building. She has dedicated her life to serving the people of Toledo and northern Ohio. This Sunday, she will officially become - she will make history, she will officially become the longest serving woman in the history of the United States congress in either house. On Sunday, she will have served in the House of Representatives for 35 years, two months, 18 days, breaking a record that was set in 1960 by, I believe, a Massachusetts congresswoman. Three and a half decades, she has been principled, she has been passionate about her family, her community, our country, and she has advocated for Ohioans she serves like nobody else."