Graham, Merkley, Sullivan

Morning Business

Senator Graham: (5:22 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the NDAA.
    • "He has been willing to die and suffer for his country, like many others. But when it comes to explaining America, I've never anyone as articulate and sincere as John McCain. John, I hope you understand that the reason we named this bill after you is that we all love you. I hope you understand this bill, my friend, repairs a lot of the damage you've been talking about for the last six or seven years, and this is the best way I know to honor John McCain is to take care of those who are fighting and dying for this country and pushing the Pentagon to be more efficient."


Senator Merkley: (6:06 p.m.)

  • Spoke on U.S. immigration policy.
    • "When you look at the history of the world, in the history of America, we realize that in many ways we're still a very young nation with less than three centuries behind us. And in that comparatively short time, we've accomplished great things. We've helped save the world from tyranny and fascism, while pushing the boundaries of science. We spread democracy and human rights, nations far and wide. We have broken down barriers of race and gender and sexual orientation here at home in a vision of equality and opportunity for all. Yet we cannot forget that along with those accomplishments, those great accomplishments, there's also been some dark chapters in our history."


Senator Sullivan: (6:39 p.m.)

  • Spoke in tribute to the Alaskan of the Week.
    • "Mr. President, you know, I like to brag about my state. We all like to brag about our states here, you know, when it comes to size, beauty, grandeur, and majestic grandeur, I think that Alaska takes the cake. Others might disagree. I know the presiding officer loves his state. I know what I want is people to come to Alaska. See it for yourself. Spend some time up there. We're getting ready for a recess, some of my colleagues coming up to their great states. I guarantee if you come, you will absolutely love it. But it's really more important than anything it's truly the people of Alaska that make it such a special place."