Cantwell, Stabenow, Peters

Executive Session (Clark Nomination)

Senator Cantwell: (4:07 p.m.)

  • Spoke on AWIA.
    • "I rise with respect to the water infrastructure act of 2018 and the importance of it to the state of Washington. This legislation is going now to the president's desk, and it's very needed to help make our ports more competitive, protect thousands of jobs, and help protect our salmon habitat in the state of Washington. This legislation means that the ports of Seattle and Tacoma will be able to deepen their harbors and meet the much larger cargo demands that we have to if we're going to compete with other ports on the west coast, specifically in Canada."


Senator Stabenow: (4:19 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the short-term insurance CRA.
    • "I want specifically at the moment to speak about my deep regret that a very important resolution did not get the bipartisan votes necessary to pass a little while ago on the Senate floor, and that resolution which failed would have stopped the administration's short-term planned rule which is gutting comprehensive health care and undermining people with preexisting conditions from getting the health care that they need and deserve. About half the families in Michigan have someone in their family with a preexisting condition. It could be anything from high blood pressure to diabetes to something like cancer or whatever other illness that it might be, and they are in a situation now with these junk plans, as we call them, where they are going to be undermined, and they won't be able to get either any health insurance or it will cost much, much more."


Senator Peters: (4:34 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the short-term insurance CRA.
    • "The topic of health care affordability should unite us as a common cause. We all need health care, whether you are young or old or male or female, rich or poor. Not one of us will go through life without experiencing a major health concern. Even if you have a clean bill of health today, we all face the prospect of accidents, illnesses, and the inherent universal health challenge of aging. The affordable care act is not perfect, but it has moved us towards a shared goal of making health care more affordable for everyone. Most significantly, the affordable care act prevents insurers from denying coverage or increasing premiums because of a preexisting condition."