Warner, Tillis, Ernst, Tester

The minibus appropriations bill (H.R. 6147)

Senator Warner: (1:14 p.m.)

  • Spoke in tribute to federal government employees.
    • "Now, President Trump campaigned on a promise to drain the swamp, but the great irony is that the most glaring instances of failure and corruption at the federal level in recent months have not come from career federal employees. They've come from appointees installed by this administration. Look no further than the E.P.A. where the American people follow some of the most blatant examples of swamp-like behavior in the waste an abuse from former E.P.A. administrator Mr. Pruitt. We also saw that with few exceptions those at the E.P.A. With the courage to stand up and say this is not okay, we're not appoint east, but we're -- appointees, but we're career federal employees, and for some that meant they were either demoted or reassigned in retaliation all because they had the courage to speak up and to do what was right."


Senator Tillis: (1:24 p.m.)

  • Spoke on Pastor Andrew Brunson.
    • "Back in the late winter I heard that after the indictment, after almost 19 months in prison without charges, after the indictment was issued, he was concerned that the American people were going to look at this indictment and turn their back on him. And I felt like I needed to be able to look him in the eye and tell him nothing could be further from the truth. I traveled to Turkey and I met with him in the prison outside Ishmir to tell him I would be his voice and I talked to senators and more than 70 signed on to a letter expressing their concern. This is about an illegal incarceration of a minister with a NATO ally. Pastor Brunson has been in prison 656 days counting today."


Senator Ernst: (1:28 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.
    • "Federal agencies have been allowed to implement such destructive regulations in part due to the Supreme Court giving them deference. Well, a certain degree of deference is needed; I am concerned that a too broad deferential standard separates the people of the United States from Washington bureaucrats. It fails to place an adequate check on executive and administrative power. Throughout his career as both a highly respected legal scholar and a judge on the esteemed D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Kavanaugh has written critically of widening the scope of this already far-reaching deferential standard."


Senator Tester: (1:33 p.m.)

  • Spoke on federal government employees.
    • "When bad National Labor Relations Board nominees came before the Senate, I voted no. I have been proud to stand with our federal workforce, our hardworking federal workforce as we fight to protect those government employees. As ranking member of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, I've been working with them to address chronic workforce shortages that are plaguing veterans' clinics across the United States. While building capacity within the V.A. to ensure we uphold our commitment to those who serve, we need the staff at those facilities. I've been honored to work with our friends in labor to address disparities in the federal benefits and pay."