McConnell (UC), Reid

Vehicle for Trade Promotion Authority (H.R. 1314)

Senator McConnell: (2:33 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "As a senior senator from in the Democratic leadership reminded us yesterday, we have to take some of these votes separately or else we kill the underlying legislation. So the plan I'm about to offer will provide our Democratic colleagues with a sensible way forward without killing the bill. The plan I'm about to offer will allow the regular order on the trade bill while also allowing senators the opportunity to take votes on the customs and preference bills in a way that quill not imperil the increased American exports and American trade jobs that we need. We would then turn to the trade bill with T.P.A. and T.A.A. as the base bill and open the floor to amendments as I've suggested all week."
  • Unanimous Consent –
    • Thursday, May 14 –
    • At 10:30 AM, the Senate proceed to the immediate consideration of H.R. 1295, the IRS Bureaucracy Reduction and Judicial Review Act and H.R. 644, the America Gives More Act of 2015.
    • The Senate agree to the Hatch amendments at the desk, the text of which are S. 1267, Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015 and S. 1269, Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, respectively.
    • No further amendments be in order.
    • At noon, the Senate conduct up to two VOTES on passage:
    1. H.R. 1295 (the text of S. 1267, Preferences), as amended; and
    2. H.R. 644 (the text of S. 1269, Customs), as amended.
    • Both H.R. 1295 and H.R. 644 be subject to a 60-vote affirmative threshold.
    • At 2:00 PM, the Senate VOTE on the motion to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to H.R. 1314, the legislative vehicle for the TPA bill, upon reconsideration.
    • If cloture is invoked, the 30 hours of post-cloture debate time be considered expired at 10:00 PM on Thursday night.
    • (Without objection)


Senator Reid: (2:37 PM)

  • Spoke on trade.
    • "We've worked together the last 24 hours, I think we've come up with something that is fair. A bipartisan majority of the Finance Committee reported out four trade measures, fast-track, trade adjustment assistance, trade enforcement and a bill expanding trade for Africa. We want a path forward on all four parts of this legislation. Yesterday we made it clear we didn't accept merely a fast-track foreign trade agreements. We also must enforce the trade agreements we make. The proposal today provides that path forward. I look forward to consideration today and tomorrow of the trade enforcement passage and the Africa bill. Once we proceed to the fast-track measure the majority leader has offered an amendment process that in his words be open, robust and fair. I appreciate that offer. This is a complex issue, one that deserves a full and robust debate."