Nelson, Isakson, Hoeven, Blunt

Executive Session (Montgomery Nomination)

Senator Nelson: (1:23 p.m.)

  • Spoke on Russian interference in the 2016 elections.
    • "Well, what happened in this country two years ago put a crack in that foundation and it started to sow the seeds of doubt that if gone unchecked, could undermine our entire democracy. After painstaking analyses by the intelligence community, we know complete agreement in the intelligence community, unanimous in the I.C., we know that Russia interfered in our 2016 election. And we know that Russia continues to meddle in the elections of not only our country now but in other countries around the world."


Senator Isakson: (1:41 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the V.A. Mission Act.
    • "For years there have been problems at the V.A. In terms of health care. You've - you've read the headlines, I've read them too, and our constituents have read them. We've had veterans die waiting to get appointments. We had people getting bonuses for things they falsified. We've worked hard in the veterans' affairs committee in the house and senate to address head-on these tough issues and fix them so that the V.A. Would be the best functioning health delivery system it could possibly be for the people who were willing to risk their entire life for each of us when they joined the military. I think it is appropriate we're doing it the week before Memorial Day."


Senator Hoeven: (1:50 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the V.A. Mission Act.
    • "We owe our veterans more than we could ever repay for their incredibly dedicated service. So expanding veterans' access to health care options closer to home is just one of the ways that we can show our deep appreciation for their service to our country. Providing this kind of care has proven to be particularly challenging for our veterans residing in rural areas, so I have a rural state. And to get that access to quality service in these rural areas is a challenge and a challenge that we have to address and a challenge that we address directly in this legislation, which is which is why I'm so deeply appreciative that we're working to pass this legislation."


Senator Blunt: (2:02 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the V.A. Mission Act.
    • "This is a good time also for us to discuss the things that the congress has been doing to try to honor that service as we continue to look at the challenges veterans face. I have talked before about the hire vets act which was signed into law last year, the bill established a hire vets program within the Department of Labor to provide a tiered recognition of what employers do based on their contributions for veteran employment. Some of the criteria were things like what percentage of the new hires were veterans or what percentage of the overall workforce is veterans, what types of training and leadership development opportunities are made available that veterans have unique opportunities to take advantage of, what recognition is given to skills that veterans learn while serving and what other benefits and resources are offered to veterans, things like tuition assistance."