Cardin, Kaine, Flake, Lankford

Vehicle for Iran Nuclear Bill (H.R. 1191)

Senator Cardin: (10:26 AM)

  • Spoke on the Baltimore riots.
    • "C.V.S. has listened to that. First, one of the things that they're doing is providing $100,000 donation to the United Way of central Maryland, Maryland's Unites Fund and the Baltimore Community Foundation. These are funds for rebuilding Baltimore. These funds will help provide immediate and longer term support to the people in hard-hit areas and give those communities much-needed resources. I'm quoting from the C.V.S. release. And I wanted to point out what C.V.S. did. I think this is very important. To help minimize the financial impact of the store's closing for its Baltimore employees, C.V.S. Pharmacy paid them their regularly scheduled hours the week of the protests, whether or not they were able to work, and all of the displaced employees who want to work in other C.V.S. Pharmacy locations will be able to do so."


Senator Kaine: (10:38 AM)

  • Spoke on ISIS.
    • "The framers of the constitution were familiar with a world where war was for the monarch or the king or the sultan or the executive, but they made a revolutionary decision to choose a different path and place decisions about the initiation of war in the hands of the people's elected legislative branch. They did so because of an important underlying value. The value is this - we shouldn't order young service members to risk their lives in a military mission unless Congress has debated the mission and reached the conclusion that it is in the nation's best interests. That value surely is as important today as it was in 1787. I hope we'll remember that right now in places far from their homes, thousands of members of the American armed forces are risking their lives on behalf of a mission that Congress has refused to address for nine long months. Their sacrifice should call us to step up, do our job and finally define and authorize this ongoing war."


Senator Flake: (10:47 AM)

  • Spoke on ISIS.
    • "Now we're faced with a situation where we have basically a failed state that spawns terrorists. We can't continue to do that. We've got to take ourselves more seriously, and this institution more seriously, by taking action on this AUMF. Like the senator from Virginia, I have been encouraged by the actions of the committee and this Congress recently on this Iran review package that we will likely vote on later today. That bodes well for the institution. It bodes well for bipartisanship here. We need to return to a time, to the extent possible - and we are not naive to those who believe that partisanship can always stop at the water's edge, but we've got to have a situation where we have a bipartisan foreign policy and where the Senate Foreign Relations Committee takes its traditional role in formulating that policy and authorizing these engagements."


Senator Lankford: (11:01 AM)

  • Spoke on his maiden speech.
    • "While we beat ourselves up, we lose track that the rest of the world still looks at us and they still want to be us. Last September I was in Central America for a few days meeting with some of the leaders there, talking about immigration. I don't know if anyone has noticed, there are a few issues with immigration right now. I started talking about what are we going to do? How are we going to limit the number of unaccompanied minors coming in? What's actually driving the immigrants to come? One of the leaders there said, "Sir, I don't know if you've noticed, but you're the United States of America. Everyone in the world wants to come there. There doesn't have to be a driving factor to go to your nation. Everyone wants to be your nation." We don't have open borders, nor should we. But it was another lesson learned, that while we argue among ourselves, we have the opportunity to be able to serve in the greatest nation in the greatest body in the world. We lead the world with our values. We should represent that well. That's our greatest export, our values."