Blumenthal, Heitkamp, Whitehouse

USA FREEDOM Act (H.R. 2048)

Senator Blumenthal: (5:03 PM)

  • Spoke on the National Security Agency.
    •  "I have been dismayed by the divisions and delay that have prevented us from finally approving the USA FREEDOM Act before the existing law expires. We should move now. We should act decisively. We should adopt the USA FREEDOM Act without amendment 1451 which would simply further erode the trust and confidence, the legitimacy and credibility of the foreign intelligence surveillance court. I urge my colleagues to join me in voting against this amendment and passing USA FREEDOM Act in its current form, avoiding the delay of sending it back to the House and then potentially it coming back to the Senate so that we can tell the American people that we're protecting the strongest, greatest country in the history of the world from some of the most pernicious and perilous terrorist forces ever in the world's history."


Senator Heitkamp: (5:28 PM)

  • Spoke on Vietnam veterans.
    • "I can't tell you how proud him as their United States senator of the wonderful students of Bismarck High and the great teachers who have taken on this project, it has meant so much to me, it has meant so much to the families, and I think really meant so much to so many of the Vietnam veterans of my state who are still with us, who see this period of commemoration as dictated by the president as an important time to heal the wounds of Vietnam."


Senator Whitehouse: (5:45 PM)

  • Spoke on Senator Graham.
    • "I want to take one minute to recognize a significant milestone in the life of one of our colleagues here on the floor. That colleague is our friend, Senator Lindsey Graham, and that milestone is his retirement from the United States Air Force and Reserve, which he has served for more than 30 years. I think that 30 years' service, particularly 30 years' service overlapping with the responsibilities of being a United States senator, is something that is worth a kind word. The quality of Senator Graham's service was impeccable. He has been awarded a Bronze Star for his service, he has been recognized for his loyalty to the Air Force by being appointed to the United States Air Force Academy Board of Visitors. So clearly his contribution to the United States Air Force has been real."