Markey, Flake

Executive Session (Branch Nomination)

Senator Markey: (3:32 p.m)

  • Spoke on net neutrality.
    • "Mr. President, today I would like to speak on behalf of my constituents and the tens of millions of Americans who rely on a free and open internet. Make no mistake, we are locked in a historic battle, a historic battle to preserve the core principles of competition, innovation, and consumer choice that have made the internet the world's greatest platform for commerce and for communications, a historic battle to restore the hallmark of American innovation and democratization, a historic battle to protect the ink cue baiter and job generator, a battle for net neutrality. In December, the trump F.C.C, Federal Communications Commission, eliminated net neutrality."


Senator Flake: (3:46 p.m)

  • Spoke on gun control.
    • "I just met with several of the students from that shooting at the school in Florida and heard the very compelling case that they make to take this issue seriously and do what we can on a commonsense basis to make it more difficult for those who shouldn't have guns to have guns. Regardless of what happened in Florida these past couple of weeks, this is a measure that we should have taken before. It's been brought to the floor of the senate, has received majority support here. I think it's simply common sense for someone who is not permitted to fly in this country and is considered by the federal government to be a potential threat to national security, I think that they should not be allowed to purchase a firearm as well."