Grassley, Gardner, Cotton, Ernst, McConnell (UC), Cornyn

The vehicle for the immigration bill (H.R. 2579)

Senator Grassley: (12:54 p.m)

  • Spoke on DACA.
    • "There's simply no way to say it but to say it, that this proposal that fails to meet the  mark will result in massive amnesty and it will result in a surge of illegal immigration, even encouraging illegal crossing of our borders, and it has absolutely no chance of becoming law because we've been reminded of what the president said he would sign and he has said that this bill that we're talking about now would not be signed by the president of the United States, it would be vetoed. In my mind, the Department of Homeland Security when they commented on this bill has this one point right."


Senator Gardner: (1:04 p.m)

  • Spoke in tribute to Deputy Micah Flick.
    • "Unfortunately, I have come to this chamber far too many times just this year to honor a fallen Colorado law enforcement officer, repeat the words for the third time of Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman who wrote that American law enforcement is the loyal and brave sheep dog, always standing watch for the wolf that lurks in the dark. We owe so much to Micah and his brothers and sisters in blue that protect our communities each and every day. I know that all of our families together sleep better at night knowing these heroes are out protecting every single one of us. Thank you, Micah, for answering the call."


Senator Cotton: (1:42 p.m)

  • Spoke on DACA.
    • "On the other hand, it mitigates the negative consequences of that decision, which we all know will happen, first, to control the increased incentives for illegal immigration. It provides the money and closes the loopholes necessary to secure our southern border. And second, to prevent that newly legalized class of citizens from sponsoring the very parents who created this problem in the fairs place and their siblings and ultimately their grandparents and their aunts and their uncles and their nieces and their nephews, it ends the practice of chain migration and says American citizens can always sponsor their spouses and minor kids"


Senator Ernst: (1:52 p.m)

  • Spoke on DACA.
    • "Our bill recognizes that spending money on the border without giving law enforcement strong authorities is like buying a boat without an engine. We need both to keep our borders and our communities secure. Third, our bill recognizes that you cannot view immigration in a silo. It is a bulky issue that represents many legal, economic, and security concerns. Many of these issues are deeply -- deeply interconnected. Addressing DACA and addressing the border without addressing some of the other issues plaguing our system is a half solution. We must have the president's four principles to make this work. Finally, this is the president's plan."


Senator McConnell: (1:59 p.m)

  • Unanimous Consent –
    • That notwithstanding Rule XXII, the cloture motions filed during yesterday's session of the Senate ripen at 2:30 p.m today. 
    • (Without Objection)


Senator Cornyn: (2:00 p.m)

  • Spoke on gun control.
    • "But suffice it to say that he telegraphed on social media, according to reports, his intention to do what he ultimately did. And we here in Congress, the policy-makers, need to come up with tools available to law enforcement and for the social media platforms to be able to monitor these sort of terroristic threats much in the same way that we monitor social media for Al Qaeda and ISIS and other terrorists abroad who try to recruit people here in the United States to kill our fellow citizens in place. So we need to not only think about and pray for the families and teachers and support staff affected by this terrible act, I think we need to conduct hearings and talk to the experts and find out what kind of tools might be available to us."