Schumer, Durbin, Cornyn

Morning Business

Senator Schumer: (10:22 a.m)

  • Spoke on tax reform.
    • "They don't have an honest debate on this because they're afraid to say it, so they act like they aim most of this at the middle class. Well, the only way this is aimed at the middle class is trickle down, give the money disproportionately to the wealthy, the big corporations, and the middle class will benefit. We don't believe that. We would rather give the money directly to the middle class and be sure that they are getting the benefit."
  • Spoke on government funding legislation.
    • "Democrats have made our position in these negotiations very clear. We support an increase in funding for our military and our middle class. The two are not mutually exclusive. We don't want to do just one and leave the other behind. The sequester caps have arbitrarily imposed austerity on both sides of the ledger. Defense and the nondefense programs that benefit middle-class people like education, infrastructure, medical research. The caps have hamstrung the Pentagon's ability to make reliable investments, no doubt, but they have also cut support harshly and unintelligently from middle-class programs."
  • Spoke on the Nunes Memo.
    • "It will illustrate what a sham the Nunes Memo is, and then we can all move on and let, as some of my good Republican colleagues have had the courage to say -- not enough of them, but some -- let Mueller do his investigation unimpeded, and let's see where the results end up. We need to move on. The Nunes memo is only the latest in a long line of distractions manufactured by the most extreme elements of the Republican Party and the conservative media to distract from the Security Council's investigation. It started with conspiracies about deep state leaks and unmasking requests, phone taps at trump tower, uranium one. Now it's this memo."


Senator Durbin: (10:31 a.m)

  • Spoke on DACA.
    • "Then four weeks ago I was invited to a meeting on January 9 at the White House to sit next to President Trump and about two dozen members of Congress. The president said at that meeting, broadcast on live television, he wanted to protect DACA recipients. And he would sign any bipartisan bill that congress sent to him. The president said send me a bill, and I will sign it and I'll take the political heat. I heard it. So did America. He also said that Congress should first pass DACA legislation and that other immigration issues should wait for, quote, phase 2, which would be comprehensive, close quote. Good news for me. Good news for Senator Lindsey graham, Republican from south Carolina."


Senator Cornyn: (10:55 a.m)

  • Spoke on government funding legislation.
    • "Or are we going to shut down the government again over an unrelated issue? Now, I listened to my friend, the senator from Illinois, talk at some length about DACA, and I do want to respond to that. But there is no reason why we have to do DACA first because we are engaged in good-faith negotiations and, indeed, the majority leader has promised he would take up a bill on the floor of the senate failing an agreement. But the fact of the matter is our friends across the aisle have basically shut down the government and now threatening to hold hostage a number of very important measures that I'll talk about momentarily over this issue that's unrelated to the funding of the government or these other matters."