Schumer, Roberts, Stabenow

Motion to Proceed to the farm bill (H.R. 2)

Senator Schumer: (10:23 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the minibus appropriations bill.
    • "The fact that the parties are working together to prevent non-germane amendments that are intended to just create ruckus, the fact that even germane amendments that are regarded as poison pills are not being added to the bills here in the Senate really bodes well for cooperation. I wish it were the same in the house where it's strictly a partisan process, but the fact that the senate is working together on appropriations bodes well for future legislation, including one farm bill that some people have an interest in this body in, many of us, actually, including, of course, the senior senator from the great state of Kansas."
  • Spoke on U.S. immigration policy.
    • "How many children are separated from their parents, where are those children, where are the parents? What kind of care are these kids getting? How are they holding up? I saw on one of the TV shows this morning a little girl saying where's my mommy? Where's my mommy? A young girl maybe 4 years old. That is not the America any of us, regardless of our party, particles of our political philosophy, believe in. We see that in other countries that are much crueler and less democratic, small D, than us. So we need these questions answered by the administration quickly, and the second thing we need is a plan."
  • Spoke on tax reform.
    • "What did Harley-Davidson, the iconic motorcycle company who President Trump talked about in his campaign and even afterwards, do with their tax cut? They cut domestic operations, announced a nearly $700 million stock repurchasing program, and are now moving significant operations overseas. Why didn't Harley-Davidson take that tax break to help continue to employ workers here in America instead of a buy-back so the wealthy C.E.O.'s and shareholders would get a lot of money? President Trump and Speaker Ryan have held up Harley-Davidson as a success story of their tax bill, cutting jobs in America, spending the tax cut on stock buy-backs."


Senator Roberts: (10:36 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the farm bill.
    • "Needless to say, we have worked to include as many priorities for members both on and off the Ag Committee and we want to continue working with members to address their concerns. Prepare your amendments and come work with Senator Stabenow and myself. We are endeavoring to craft a farm bill that meets the needs of producers across all regions, all crops, all of agriculture today is struggling, not just one or two commodities, we are indeed going through a very difficult time, what we call in farm country, a rough patch. We must have a bill that works all across our great nation, and we must ensure that our voluntary conservation programs are keeping farmland in operation while protecting our agriculture lands and forests and other natural resources."


Senator Stabenow: (10:45 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the farm bill.
    • "From the very beginning of this process, Madam President, Chairman Roberts and I made a commitment that we would deliver a strong bipartisan farm bill. Despite the long road we faced, we stayed true to our word. I am proud to say that we wrote a bill that will provide certainty, as the chairman talked about, certainty to our farmers, our families, and rural communities. We stayed focused on strengthening our nation's diverse agriculture economy, and the 16 million jobs it supports. 16 million jobs. Madam President, this is a jobs bill for America. A lot of those jobs are in my home state of Michigan, where our food and agricultural economy supports one out of four jobs - one out of four jobs in Michigan."