Cornyn, Merkley, Blunt

Executive Session (Vought Nomination)

Senator Cornyn: (1:20 p.m)

  • Spoke on gun control.
    • "The pastor and his wife who lost their teenaged daughter were there. The wife was distraught, as you can imagine. The pastor summoned a power that is greater than human power to preach that day. And it was emotional, it was inspirational, but it's a terrible tragedy. And I told myself that day that I would never wish to look another family in the face and say that we failed to do everything that was - that was within our power to prohibit or to stop something like that from happening again, and fix NICS, as I think people who are familiar with it understand, basically takes the laws that currently exist and make sure that it's applied and people like this shooter at Sutherland springs can't lie their way out of it and get access to firearms and ruin people's lives in the process."
  • Spoke on tax reform.
    • "According to the White House, more than 4.4 million workers have been positively affected. It's no wonder why the tax law is becoming more and more popular as people have learned more about it. And even the "New York Times" has had to agree that the public is learning to love the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because of the positive impact on hardworking Americans' lives. I see the wide-ranging effect of the tax cuts and jobs act in my state thanks to a competitive tax system, for example, Fort Worth based companies like American Airlines paid large bonuses to their employees."


Senator Merkley: (1:37 p.m)

  • Spoke on Janus v. AFSCME.
    • "And now we see the Supreme Court is getting in on the act in this effort to undermine the ability of workers to organize, to get a fair share of the wealth that they create. Former President Jimmy Carter once said every advance in this half century - social security, civil rights, Medicare, aid to education, one after another -- came with the support and leadership of American labor. Well, he was absolutely right. But I'd also add a few more things to the list. Eight-hour work days, the 40-hour workweek, overtime pay, the minimum wage, family and sick leave, health and safety working standards. When workers organize, they have fought for better conditions for every American, better pay, better safety, better fair working conditions."


Senator Blunt: (1:55 p.m)

  • Spoke in tribute to Rev. Billy Graham.
    • "Only three prior citizens have been granted that honor. Civil rights champion Rosa Parks and in 2005, two capitol police officers who died in the line of duty, Officer Chestnut Jr. And Detective John Gibson were there. Somebody observed this morning while we were in the rotunda of the Capitol that he's there surrounded by friends that he made during his life, President Eisenhower, President Ford, President Reagan, Dr. Martin Luther King all are memorized with - memorized with a statue and a bust in the capitol. And so Billy Graham is sort of right at home today with people he made friends with during his life, gave advice to during his life but never really seen uniquely as his ministry."