Moran, Brown, Klobuchar, Hirono

Morning Business

Senator Moran: (5:29 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the minibus appropriations bill.
    • "Our duty is to fund the federal government in a responsible way that will wisely utilize every taxpayer dollar which requires an ability to prioritize federal spending. When we return to regular order we can in - better influence bureau chiefs, agency heads, and others because we can influence the decisions they make because of the power of the purse string. On the appropriation bills we're debating this week, I want to call attention to MilCon-V.A. appropriations bill, and the great work that Senator Boozman and Senator Schatz have achieved as chairman and ranking member of the subcommittee. I'm very familiar with their staff and I compliment them on their work."


Senator Brown: (5:58 p.m.)

  • Spoke on U.S. immigration policy.
    • "When I first heard that audio clip, I think all of us remember the first time we heard it, when we first heard that audio clip of children screaming and crying for their parents, I almost couldn't listen to it. As an American, as a human being, a as grandfather and father, it was revolting. It should be hard to listen to. We should recoil at those terrible sounds. The second it is not heard, the second we shrug our shoulders and do nothing at the sound of little children wailing, that's the second we lose our humanity. It is hard for us to listen to -- fits a hard for us to listen to, if it makes us uncomfortable, that's nothing, that's nothing compared to what it must mean and what if must feel like and what those parents are going through."
  • Spoke on V.A. overpayment.
    • "Overpayment and debt affect veterans every day. James retired two years ago but he noticed that the army was continuing to pay him both active duty salary and retirement benefits. He caught the mistake. James caught the mistake. He did the honorable thing. He notified the V.A. They were overpaying him. But the V.A. continued to overpay him and then they charged him twice to recoup the overpayments and they garnished his benefits. The staff in my office work with the V.A. to resolve James' issues but this should have never happened in the first place. It is fixed now. He had to go through that."


Senator Klobuchar: (6:40 p.m.)

  • Spoke on U.S. immigration policy.
    • "According to the Department of Homeland Security, 2,042 children are separated separate their children between May 5 and June 9. 9 pace of these separations was increasing with nearly 70 children being taken from their parents up until today and being kept in facilities that are increasingly overcrowded. The American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics having expressed their opposition. They said that this type of family separation does irreparable harm to children. The president of the American academy of pediatrics, who traveled to the border, called it a form of child abuse. It is not just the medical groups. A bipartisan group of 75 former U.S. Attorneys called on the administration to end its policy."


Senator Hirono: (6:44 p.m.)

  • Spoke on U.S. immigration policy.
    • "Mr. President, like so many people across the country, I have been deeply affected by what's happening on our southern border. Children are being ripped away from their parents, placed into mass detention, deprived of adequate legal counsel and isolated from everyone they've ever known. Millions of people are rising up as sorrow and horror over what's happening and with good reason. The president of the United States and this administration are playing games with the lives of these innocent children. And when confronted, they hide behind excuses that they're just following the law. This is just another lie from a president and an administration that have institutionalized lying to justify their unconscionable policies."