Moran, Murphy, Blumenthal, Wicker

The NDAA (H.R. 5515)

Senator Moran: (10:39 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the NDAA.
    • "These honors include an honor detail which presents an American flag to the family of the deceased and a bugler who ceremoniously plays taps and puts a lump in everyone's throat and a tear in our eyes. Unfortunately, an Army audit found that in 2014, 88 deserving veteran funerals did not receive those military honors as they should have. One service without deserved honors is one too many. Even more disappointing, we learned that the National Guard Bureau now has a plan to eliminate military funeral honors coordinating position in eight states based upon a recommendation from that audit."


Senator Murphy: (10:48 a.m.)

  • Spoke on gun control.
    • "Here in the United States we have about 20 times the number of people on a per capita basis who are being killed by a gun than the average OECD competitor nation. Something is going on here that's different than what is happening anywhere else. As my colleagues know, I try to come to the floor every few weeks to talk about who these victims are, so give you a little bit of sense of the lives that are cut short. All of the promise that is erased from this Earth every single day 93 times because of what is happening inside the epidemic of gun violence and try to relate to people how furious this mounting - we have done virtually nothing meaningful since the tragedy in my state in Sandy Hook."


Senator Blumenthal: (11:02 a.m.)

  • Spoke on gun control.
    • "The Orlando nightclub attack remains the deadliest incident of violence against LGBTQ people in our history. And we ought to take particular time today to commemorate the national tragedy but also the epidemics of gun violence like sandy hook and hate crimes generally across the country, which may not involve gun violence, that plague our nation literally daily - in this nation, the greatest in the history of the world. This scourge of hate crime and gun violence - and often the two go together - is a continuing plague. In an average year, more than 10,300 hate crimes are committed involving a firearm. That's more than 28 every single day."


Senator Wicker: (11:36 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the NDAA.
    • "I was just speaking, as a matter of fact, to a group of Hawaiians gathered together under the leadership of Senator Mazie Hirono, who happens to be the ranking member of the subcommittee which I chair, the Sea Power Subcommittee, and we were able to make the point -- and have been able to make the point at several forums, about what a bipartisan issue this is to protect our country through a strong Navy and through the provisions that we will enact in the sea power title. And of course this bipartisan exercise is a very important fulfillment of our constitutional responsibility."