Hatch, Murray, Alexander

Executive Session (Blew Nomination)

Senator Hatch: (11:32 a.m.)

  • Spoke on tariffs.
    • "I've been steadfast in working with the president with President Trump on our shared economic agenda, especially passage of the most important piece of tax reform legislation in a generation. Tax reform has already providing significant relief to families and businesses, large and small. Businesses across the country are now more globally competitive and are investing in their workforce, their workforce through wage hike, bonuses and increased 401(k) Contributions that are benefiting American workers, their families, and their communities. But this roaring economy that we worked together to build for American workers and businesses is at risk because of the president's trade policies. Tariffs against our allies and partners in Europe, Canada, Mexico, and around the world are already harming American farmers and manufacturers and raising costs for American families."


Senator Murray: (11:37 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of James Blew to be an Assistant Secretary of Education.
    • "And despite an unprecedented tie-breaking vote by Vice President Pence, Secretary Devos has ignored the public's overwhelming rejection to her extreme ideology and instead she continues to promote her privatization agenda, trying to shift taxpayer funds away from our public schools. She's ignoring key parts of our nation's k-12 law by refusing to hold states accountable for the success of our most vulnerable students. She's making it easier for predatory for-profit colleges and corporations to take advantage of students, rolling back protections for students, and dismantling the unit that investigates claims of fraud and abuse."


Senator Alexander: (11:42 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of James Blew to be an Assistant Secretary of Education.
    • "He is well-qualified to lead that office. Four years in various roles he's advocated for improving educational opportunities by overseeing grants to low-low-income, high-risk schedules. He has an M.B.A. from Yale University. He will be in charge of helping managing the department of management and budget. Mr. Blew's sin according to colleagues on the other side is that he is in favor of public charter schools, which give teachers more freedom to teach and parents more freedom to choose a school for their child. No one should be surprised that a Republican president would nominate such an assistant secretary of education."