Feinstein, Cornyn, Coons

The minibus appropriations bill (H.R. 5895)

Senator Feinstein: (11:50 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the minibus appropriations bill.
    • "Believe it or not, Mr. President, it's been 21 years since Congress passed all 12 appropriation bills by October 1. Since then, we have just staggered through a series of continuing resolutions and omnibuses. So I'd like to thank my colleagues on the appropriation committee for supporting this bill during markup where we saw a vote of 30-1. I hope that we will be able to maintain that spirit of bipartisanship on the floor, and I urge my colleagues to refrain from offering poison pill amendments that would derail our progress. I believe this is a fair bill, it contains trade-offs and hard choices. I certainly don't agree with everything in it, particularly the nuclear weapons portion, but I support passage of the bill by the Senate."


Senator Cornyn: (12:02 p.m.)

  • Spoke on U.S. immigration policy.
    • "Just like under the Obama administration back in 2014, we've seen a surge of unaccompanied children and families coming across our southern border during this spring and summer months. That at the time was called by the president, President Obama, a humanitarian crisis, and it truly was and is. Between October 1 of last year and May 31 of this year, the number of families apprehended at the southwest border rose 58% compared to the same period a year earlier. Many of these individuals hail from Central America. Some have presented themselves lawfully at ports of entry, but others have tried to enter illegally in more remote, unpopulated areas."


Senator Coons: (12:11 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the minibus appropriations bill.
    • "There are a lot of great things to like about the programs funded in this energy and water appropriations bill that is about to be before us, especially the work funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. Our bipartisan resolution reinforces that message by acknowledging that the United States has long been a leader in innovation in large part because of a critical role played by federal funding for both basic and applied research. We've made investments for decades that have led to incredible breakthroughs instrumental to our current prosperity, economy, and jobs. The Department of Energy national labs, the 17 labs across 11 states, have been at the forefront through that process since their founding."
  • Spoke on pancreatic cancer.
    • "More than 500 Americans who came from all 50 states and all across capitol hill right now, meeting with offices in the House and Senate, folks who have lost loved ones, family member, relatives, neighbors, to one of the deadliest cancers, pancreatic cancer. They're here to urge we invest more in medical research because this is a cancer that has affected families all over our country and without greater investment and research, we cannot bend the trajectory of this dread disease."