Hatch, Nelson, Lankford, Cortez Masto

Motion to Proceed to the vehicle for the immigration bill (H.R. 2579)

Senator Hatch: (4:57 p.m)

  • Spoke on DACA.
    • "We cannot continue to keep people in our country and grant them work authorization by executive fiat. DACA recipients deserve certainty. So too do other immigrants who enter our country legally and have done their best to follow the rules. We also need better border security and interior enforcement. 30 years ago we granted amnesty to nearly three million illegal immigrants, and the result over the next two decades was a surge in illegal immigration. We need to prevent that from happening again. I think it's fair and equitable to give DACA recipients a pathway to lawful status because they came to our country through no fault of their own."


Senator Nelson: (5:01 p.m)

  • Spoke on DACA.
    • "I am looking forward to this debate, as Senator Hatch has indicated. It's going to be a robust debate, and it could produce the best of what the senate can produce, a bipartisan agreement which it will have to be in order to get to 60 votes. And I'm glad to come here to the floor to support the dreamers because since months ago when the president said that he was eliminating protections for dreamers, and some of them have already lost that status, these young people - of course they were brought here sometimes as infants. They have grown up here. They only know America as their country, and we owe it to them to enact permanent protections and a path to citizenship."


Senator Lankford: (5:06 p.m)

  • Spoke on DACA.
    • "But with that, we have to pick up the issues surrounding it at the same time. The president actually gave the nation a great gift at that time, a deadline. Immigration for two decades has been well known to be a problem, but there has been no deadline. The president set the deadline of March 5. To have this resolved. We're nearing that now. It's time to move from just debating it in the hallways and in our offices to debating it on the floor of this chamber and trying to get this resolved. And here's what I propose, along with Chairman Grassley, John Cornyn, David Perdue, Thom Tillis, Tom Cotton, Joni Ernst and myself."


Senator Cortez Masto: (5:26 p.m)

  • Spoke on DACA.
    • "They are studying hard, serving in our communities, our churches, and our military all while working multiple jobs to support their families. In meeting with them, I've learned they are their own best advocates. Dreamers deserve the chance to speak for themselves. They deserve better than to be used as pawns in a cynical game. They should not be forced to choose between achieving protection in the only country they've ever known and seeing their families attacked with arbitrary and cruel cuts to family unification and the diversity Visa programs. I am tired of seeing the white house pit people against one another. Tonight and this week Congress is about to determine the futures of these patriotic young men and women."