Grassley, Hirono

Executive Session (Bennett Nomination)

Senator Grassley: (4:46 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the upcoming Supreme Court vacancy.
    • "I'm optimistic that the person the president nominates tonight will be highly qualified and committed to the rule of law. I'm optimistic because President Trump already appointed one such Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch. The president's selection process is the most transparent in history. He issued a list of potential Supreme Court nominees directly to the American people during his 2016 campaign. To my knowledge no other presidential candidate has ever done that. The list demonstrated the type of judges that he will appoint to the bench. The American people voted for President Trump, in part, because of that list of names and what it reflected and of his promise to nominate these types of jurists."


Senator Hirono: (5:21 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Mark Bennett to be United States Circuit Court Judge for the Ninth Circuit.
    • "He has experience in trial and appellate work, on civil and criminal matters, at the state and federal levels. He understands legislating and has served in the executive branch. He has received high ratings from the American Bar Association and the Hawaii state bar association he is well-respected and has been honored multiple times by his colleagues. I have every confidence that Mark will put his skilled and experience to good use on the bench as a fair and impartial judge, beholden to nothing but the law and the Constitution. However, as has been my practice, I will vote no on cloture on Mark's nomination I vote this way to call attention to my disagreement and deep concern over how the Senate Judiciary Committee is conducting its judicial nomination hearings."