Roberts, Warren, Peters

Executive Session (Pompeo Nomination)

Senator Roberts: (10:30 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State.
    • "The point that I'd like to make is that as we go into the very important topics that we have to discuss on an international basis, we need Mike Pompeo, and we need him now. As our nation's most senior diplomat, Mike, I know, will be forthright, he will be forceful and thoughtful, and yes, he will be diplomatic. He will give the president and the Congress very candid counsel. He is a man of his word. I say all this and think that I at least have the credentials to know Mike and to know who he is and what he is about because I have - I have known him for more than a decade, first as a friend and a business leader, and then a congressional colleague, most recently as the leader of our intelligence community."
  • Spoke on the appropriations process.
    • "How long, how long, how long have we been since we have done appropriation bills and voted on amendments on appropriation bills? And the leadership has apparently decided to recommend that we actually return to being a Senate, voting on these amendments. Many senators, as I said earlier, do not even know what it is like to serve in a functioning Senate. They hardly know what it is like to operate under regular order where bills are referred to committee, amended, brought to the floor, debated, amended, and then passed when appropriation bills were on time."


Senator Warren: (10:39 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State.
    • "In 2014, then-Congressman Pompeo praised the interrogators who used torture as, quote, patriots and, quote, heroes, but when seeking confirmation to become C.I.A. director, Mr. Pompeo suddenly said he would, quote, always comply with the law prohibiting torture. When asked if he would comply with a request from the president to use torture, he said he couldn't, quote, imagine being asked to do so. Never mind that as a candidate, Donald Trump boasted about his desire to bring back waterboarding and, quote, a hell of a lot worse, and in his later written answers, Mr. Pompeo suggested that he could support bringing back waterboarding and orator tour techniques if he thought they were necessary."


Senator Peters: (10:53 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State.
    • "I voted against confirming Mike Pompeo to be the director of the central intelligence agency because he lacked the experience and the qualifications for the position. His time at the C.I.A. has done nothing to assure me that he now has the capabilities to lead the secretary of state. -- The State Department. As a member of the House of Representatives Mike Pompeo made repeated discriminatory remarks about Muslim Americans. He has argued that the Muslim-American leaders have a special obligation to denounce terrorist attacks and he has falsely claimed that they have failed to do that. I'm proud to represent a dynamic Muslim and Arab-American community in Michigan. I have seen that these patriotic communities are often the first - they are the first to denounce senseless acts of violence that perverts the Islamic faith."