Murray, Nelson, Schatz

The Net Neutrality CRA (S. J. Res. 52)

Senator Murray: (1:26 p.m.)

  • Spoke on net neutrality.
    • "And I just have to say as a former preschool teacher, I support net neutrality because it helps the next generation of innovators, our students, especially those in rural and low-income areas. Schools have worked very hard to improve access to high-speed connectivity for all students because they know from early education through higher education and through workforce training, students need high-speed internet in order to learn and get the skills that they need."


Senator Nelson: (1:34 p.m.)

  • Spoke on net neutrality.
    • "Citizens throughout my home state rely on the internet for civic and social engagement. The internet is today's social forum. It's a tool that we use to stay engaged in the lives of family, friends, and peers. The internet can also be an equalizing force, and as such has been a place where communities of color have been able to tell their own stories in a way that they have never been able to tell before, and it has given minority communities the power to organize, to share, and to support each other's causes every. -- Causes. To limit access to that net would be to help silence these voices that are just beginning to be heard. I don't think we want to do that. Congress must ensure the internet remains open to all, and thus the vote that we have coming up in just about an hour and a half."


Senator Schatz: (2:00 p.m.)

  • Spoke on net neutrality.
    • "People are already frustrated with the limited competitive options for the providers that they have. And then once they sign up for service, they find that there are hidden fees. They have to pay for the installation. They have to wait for the installation. They have to rent the cable box. Their bill suddenly goes up within a year of service, finding out that they were only engaged in a promotional offer. In other words, many people don't like their internet service providers. They like the internet, but they don't like the lack of choice and all the hassle and expense that comes with getting on the internet."