Daines, Warren

Executive Session (Boom Nomination)

Senator Daines: (11:19 a.m.)

  • Spoke on schoolchildren's data safety.
    • "Now, as someone who personally spent over a decade in the technology business in cloud computing, I know how important tech jobs are. I know how important internet connectivity is and how important social media is to our growing economy. But I'm also the father of four children, and I know the importance of ensuring that as technology continues to rapidly evolve, our children's security and privacy must be protected. In fact, recently in Montana, we had a breach of our children's data at Calispel Middle School. That is why today I'm reintroducing the Safe Kids Act."


Senator Warren: (11:32 a.m.)

  • Spoke on the nominations of John Ring to be a member of the National Labor Relations Board and Patrick Pizzella to be Deputy Secretary of Labor.
    • "I'm here to urge my colleagues to oppose the nomination of two Trump nominees. John Ring nominated to the National Labor Relations Board and Patrick Pizzella who has been nominated deputy secretary of labor. These two nominees have been selected to hold critical jobs to protect workers. That's what these jobs are about. And I'll be blunt. I start with a pretty high bar here, since despite his campaign rhetoric from two years ago, the president's track record on standing up for workers has been absolutely miserable. From the day he nominated Andrew Pudzer, an executive who delighted in mocking and belittling his own low-wage workers to run the Department of Labor, this administration has delivered one gut punch after another to America's working people."