King, Gardner, Hatch, McCain

National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 1735)

Senator King: (2:57 PM)

  • Spoke on World Refugee Day.
    • "World refugee day is coming up Saturday and I'd like to highlight something that has come up spontaneously in one of our Maine cities that is making a difference in the lives of young people, particularly young refugees from Somalia, Sudan, and other African countries, helping them to expand their own horizons. As the roots of our refugee and immigrant population continue to grow stronger in Maine and in the process strengthen our communities, a group called Tree Street Youth is helping to nurture that growth one student at a time."


Senator Gardner: (3:10 PM)

  • Spoke on the Ports Act.
    • "The legislation I have introduced known as the Ports Act prevents this kind of economic disruption. The Ports Act would discourage disruptions at ports and incentivize speedy resolution by expanding the well known Taft-Hartley process. The president of the United States may not be willing to adequately protect the economic rights and interests of American citizens but the Ports Act would solve this by granting state governors Taft-Hartley powers currently reserved for the president. A governor from any state would have the opportunity to form a board of inquiry and start the Taft-Hartley process whenever a port labor dispute is causing economic harm. Once the board reports back any governor can petition formula courts to enjoin the slowdown or lockouts at their state."


Senator Hatch: (3:20 PM)

  • Spoke on ObamaCare.
    • "Despite the claims of uninformed critics, Republicans in Congress have been working for months to ensure a transition plan will be ready when the court delivers its ruling and make no mistake, we will do our best to be ready. At the same time, Republicans in both chambers have worked together to put forward substantive and workable alternatives that would permanently replace the president's health care law with reforms that increase patient choice and reduce the role of the federal government in health care. I'm a coauthor of one such plan, it's called the Patient Care Act. I along with Chairman Alexander and Upton in the House released the latest version of this plan earlier this year. The plan has gotten high marks from a number of analysts and publications. So while it's a common refrain among the supporters of Obamacare that chaos will ensue if the court rules against the federal government in king versus Burwell, the facts tell a much different story. Republicans in Congress will be ready to respond quickly and decisively to any possible outcome."


Senator McCain: (3:45 PM)

  • Spoke on the National Defense Authorization Act.
    • "Now at the behest of their leadership - and perhaps the president of the United States -- they are so torqued up about O.C.O. that they may vote against this legislation's passage, and that, my friends, is an abrogation of their responsibility of the men and women who are serving this country. And if they choose to vote against this legislation on the grounds that they are opposed to the funding mechanism used to do so, then they have their priorities up-side down, and I intend to tell the American people about it because I believe that we're not serving the men and women who are serving this country to the best of their ability, are not receiving the support that they need and deserve from the Congress - from the Senate of the United States of America."