Nelson, Whitehouse

Executive Session (Engelhardt Nomination)

Senator Nelson: (4:39 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the Iran deal.
    • "The fact is, we need to keep pressure on Iran with additional economic sanctions to stop them from developing ICBM missiles. That was not part of the Iranian nuclear agreement. We need to ratchet up the pressure on Iran to do that. -- To stop their ICBM missile program. But by pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal, it is a tragic mistake. It will divide us from our European allies, and it will allow Iran to build a nuclear weapon, a nuclear bomb, within a year as compared to staying in the agreement, which would be at least seven to 12 years in the future."


Senator Whitehouse: (5:34 p.m.)

  • Spoke on climate change.
    • "They come to see hundreds of species, of sharks, dolphins, fish, mollusks, whales, sea birds and other marine life thriving in nearly 133,000 square miles of coral reef. Some of these coral structures are thought to date back as long as 25 million years when Pope Francis spoke of the wonder world of the seas, this is the kind of beauty and bounty he had in mind. It is difficult to imagine something so expansive and ancient threatened so profoundly by one of Earth's more recent inhabitants, humans. Inhabitants, humans, but it's the oceans are taking the brunt of our modern carelessness. They're warming, acidifying, and literally suffocating under our carbon dioxide emissions."