Portman, Crapo, Tester

Executive Session (Montgomery Nomination)

Senator Portman: (2:41 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the V.A. Mission Act.
    • "They instilled in me the virtue of service and the merits of servant leadership. They believed in these values and embodied them in their lives, as so many veterans do. This weekend, as we pay thanks to the many men and women who were laid to rest under the flag that they died defending, we should all take a moment to remember and thank all veterans as well, past and present, whose service also has made our way of life possible. The men and women of our United States military represent the best in all of us, and they deserve the best from all of us. Today the senate will vote on what's called the V.A. Mission Act, which is a bipartisan bill that will reform the Veterans Choice program."


Senator Crapo: (3:01 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Brian Montgomery to be an Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
    • "Since 1934, F.H.A. has ensured mortgages for more than 40 million families. Today the F.H.A. Is the largest mortgage insurer in the World. It also is the primary facilitator of reverse mortgages and supports a nationwide network of housing counseling agencies. Yet for nearly four years it has not had a senate confirmed leader. Fortunately the time has finally come to fill this vacancy and I know that Brian Montgomery will do a terrific job. Brian Montgomery is an ideal candidate to take up the mantle because he has done it before. Mr. Montgomery provided steadfast leadership at the helm of F.H.A. between 2005 and 2009 under Presidents Bush and Obama."


Senator Tester: (3:09 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the V.A. Mission Act.
    • "And this V.A. Mission Act had a great vote yesterday. And people might say, gee, this is another one of those slam-dunk bills. It's not. We would not be here today if it wasn't for Chairman Isakson and the great work that he has done on this bill. I want to thank the entire senate veterans' affairs committee. I want to thank the leadership of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee. I want to thank the 38 veterans' services organizations that offered their support for this bill. I said many times during the hearings we'll take our cues from the veterans. This is exactly what the entire senate hopefully will do in a minute or two here with this bill, is take our cues from the people who serve this country in the military. This is a big win for them."