Baldwin, Capito, Moran

Vehicle for Trade Promotion Authority (H.R. 2146)

Senator Baldwin: (5:02 PM)

  • Spoke on the Veterans Administration.
    • "I hope I speak for all of us when I say that there is no room for politics when it comes to ensuring that our nation's veterans receive the timely, safe, and highest quality care that they have earned. Our legislation takes steps to give veterans and their families a stronger voice in their care by strengthening opioid prescribing guidelines and other measures. It works to improve coordination and communication throughout the V.A. and puts in place stronger oversight and accountability for the quality of care that we're providing our veterans. Our goal is simple - put these bipartisan reforms in place to prevent tragedies like Jason's from occurring to other veterans and their families."


Senator Capito: (5:11 PM)

  • Spoke on the Veterans Administration.
    • "This bill reforms the overreliance on painkillers by the V.A. while ensuring that veterans receive appropriate medication. This legislation not only updates and strengthens the guidelines for opioid prescriptions, but it expands the scope of research, delivery and integration of alternative pain management. Chronic pain should not be something that our veterans are forced to live with and the V.A. must be on the cutting edge of developing effective pain management. This bill will elevate the role of patient advocates. Like I'm sure Jason's wife was a great patient advocate. Require community meetings hosted by the V.A. and establish a joint D.O.D.-V.A. Working group to improve coordination and communication at all levels of government."


Senator Moran: (5:37 PM)

  • Spoke on cyber security.
    • "These hearings matter, and the information that we are gardening and attempting to garner is important for those who are employees of the federal government. They need to know what has transpired so they can better protect themselves where they are at risk because of these hacks, and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, we need to know what has transpired here, what processes need to be in place to prevent additional challenges to our information technology because it's a matter of our national security. For the sake of our feral employees and their well-being, but also for the sake of American citizens and our national security, this is not an issue that have the opportunity to avoid. Answers need to be forthcoming and decisions need to be made system-wide, not just at O.P.M. but throughout the entire federal government as we work to protect those who work for the federal government and as we work to protect the American citizens from a national security perspective."