Daines, Murray, Sullivan

Motion to Concur in the House Amendment to the V.A. Mission Act (S. 2372)

Senator Daines: (2:15 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the V.A. Mission Act.
    • "It brings V.A. care into the 21st century by encouraging telemedicine and strengthens the oversight of opioid prescriptions. Veterans will have more access to doctors because there will be measures holding companies accountable, companies like Healthnet for how they manage the new program. It provides scholarships to encourage medical and dental students to serve in the V.A., and it creates a new loan repayment program for medical students who are training in specialties that are currently lacking in the V.A. This is one of the big problems we have. We can't fill the slots of medical professionals in the V.A. It's about time we take meaningful steps towards fully delivering on the promises that we have made to our veterans."


Senator Murray: (2:38 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the V.A. Mission Act.
    • "I have heard from countless people who when their loved one came home from service with an injury or illness made big life changes, like quitting a job or scaling back their hours or taking leave from college. They put big purchases and retirements and dream vacations on hold. Or they took on more parenting responsibilities. You name it. They sprang into action and did what they needed to do because it's just what you do when it's someone you love. But we know the care our military caregivers provide comes at a cost. Several years ago, in fact, the dole foundation commissioned the largest ever study of its kind to examine the sacrifice of military caregivers. It showed some caregivers spend more than 40 hours a week caring for veterans."


Senator Sullivan: (3:01 p.m.)

  • Spoke on in tribute to the Alaskan of the Week.
    • "As my colleagues know one of the best times of the week is when I get to come down to the floor and talk about some of my great constituents back home in Alaska. Somebody, or a group of Alaskans, which I refer to as the Alaskan of the Week. You know, Mr. President, we all think we come from great states, but what I really enjoy talking about the Alaskan of the Week is not just talking about Alaska and how beautiful, big, and majestic it is, but the people who make it such a great place. What I wanted to do in this Alaskan presentation is talk not just about rich Owens, who I'm going to talk about a lot this afternoon, but I'm going to also talk about small businesses in Alaska, and small businesses in my hometown."