Schumer, Markey, Nelson, Moran, Gardner

Motion to Proceed to the NDAA (H.R. 5515)

Senator Schumer: (4:00 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the NDAA.
    • "Mr. President, this week the Senate continues its consideration of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act. Among important provisions related to our military readiness and operations abroad, the NDAA presents crucial opportunities to address other matters of national security. In addition to the critical improvements to CFIUS we must make in this bill, one of the most concerning issues is the decision by the trump administration last week to reduce the harsh penalties previously imposed and then provide relief to the Chinese telecom giant Z.T.E."
  • Spoke on judicial nominations.
    • "That seems to be a trademark of so many of the nominees of this administration and this Republican Senate. He is not once but twice defended the gerrymandering of congressional districts by North Carolina's Republicans. And probably worst of all, he defended North Carolina's restrictive I.D., voter I.D. law which, quote, targeted African Americans with almost surgical precision. And that's not some politician's word. Those are the judges of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, a rather conservative court. For somebody who target African Americans and say let's make it less likely they vote and give them less power is everything -- is such a grand step backward in this country."
  • Spoke on net neutrality.
    • "On another matter, the Republican-led F.C.C.'s repeal of net neutrality goes into effect today. The rules enacted by the Obama administration to bar large internet service provides from charging customers more for certain content are gone. The rules to bar large internet providers from slowing down certain websites are gone. The rules ensuring an open, free internet with a level playing field for small businesses, public schools, rural Americans, people without a lot of money, communities of color are gone."
  • Spoke on health care reform.
    • "Finally, I want to address a bit of news on health care. On Thursday evening the trump administration made a startling announcement. It would no longer defend the constitutionality of protection for Americans with preexisting conditions. The decision is a shameful capstone in the Trump administration's years' long campaign of sabotaging our nation's health care system. It is the most dangerous, most potent example of sabotage to date."


Senator Markey: (4:11 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the net neutrality.
    • "Today is the day when net neutrality rules are just gone, even though there is a way in which we, the congress, can put them right back on the books. That's what happens in the Senate. Just three weeks ago we voted by 52-47 to put the net neutrality protections back on the books to ensure that they would be there for every American. And now, as Senator Schumer was just pointing out, the ball is in the court of the House of Representatives, Republican-controlled House of Representatives. We passed net neutrality here in the Senate on a bipartisan basis."


Senator Nelson: (4:38 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the situation in Puerto Rico.
    • "The former governor Pedro Roseo, and he shared with me that a George Washington University study is under way to more accurately count the deaths resulting from the hurricane, but there's no reason why there should be among U.S. Citizens such a discrepancy in these reports, and the latest findings are just another stain on the federal government's overall response to the ongoing disaster in Puerto Rico, which has not been too stellar. The people of Puerto Rico are our fellow American citizens. They have a right to know exactly what happened on the island as a result of not just one massive storm but the second one had hit as well."


Senator Moran: (4:51 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Mickey Bowman to be a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.
    • "Today I want to talk about an opportunity we have that I think will be most beneficial to those of us who come from places like you and I do. I rise today to speak in support of Mickey Bowman. She was nominated recently, has had a hearing in front of our Banking Committee to be a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Tomorrow our Banking Committee will consider her nomination. I want to make certain that my colleagues on the committee but certainly my colleagues in the United States Senate understand how valuable Mickey will be as a member of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve board and to understand her qualifications. She's a native of small town in Kansas."


Senator Gardner: (4:55 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the American Institute in Taiwan.
    • "But there's a lot of things going on in Asia on the 12th of June. The opening of this state of the art complex comes at a most opportune time as a demonstration of strong U.S. support for the people of Taiwan. I join my colleagues in congress in welcoming this new facility and thanking the men and women of our foreign service in Taipei and around the world for their service to our nation. The new A.I.T. facility will cultivate the relationship between the United States and Taiwan and further demonstrate the United States' commitment to bolstering its friendship and commercial and defense partnership with Taiwan."