Reid, Carper

Defense Authorization bill (S. 3254)

Senator Reid: (6:03 PM)
  • Spoke on the Cybersecurity bill.
    • SUMMARY "The bill that was - that was and is most important that sends the money to the pentagon was just killed, and that's cybersecurity. I have had a number of people come to me during the day and said are you going to allow relevant amendments on this? I said sure. They said how about five? I said fine. But, whatever we do on this bill, it's not enough for the chamber of commerce, not enough. So everyone should understand cybersecurity is dead for this Congress. What an unfortunate thing, but that's the way it is."
  • Spoke on the Sportsmen's bill.
    • SUMMARY "I filed cloture on this bill yesterday. Unless we can agree to a limited number of amendments, we'll have cloture vote on the bill early tomorrow morning, probably around 9:00. If we get cloture, there will be a potential 30 hours for debate. Under the rules as we all know too well. I have been told that some on the other side also plans to make a budget act point of order against the Sportsman's bill. We have members representing the states of New York and New Jersey who are going to be in their states tomorrow because of the tremendous damage caused by sandy, but they will be back here tomorrow evening, and we'll vote in the morning on cloture on the Sportsman's bill, and then we could have votes later tomorrow or on Friday."
  • Spoke on the Defense Authorization bill.
    • SUMMARY "I don't know why in the world we have to file cloture on a motion to proceed to it. I don't quite understand that, but I haven't understood that about almost 400 times in the last few years. So what we're going to do is - everyone should understand, listen to this, everybody. We're going to move to the bill. If we get permission to move to the bill, we'll have an open amendment process on this bill. I have been assured by Senator Levin and McCain through Senator Levin that they - all these non-relevant amendments, they will help us table them or dispose of them in some appropriate manner. That's how we should legislate around here. So I hope that Senator McCain, after speaking to Senator Levin, will agree to move forward on this bill, and that's my proposal. I hope it is something that everyone would agree to. We will start legislating on this bill the day we get back after the thanksgiving recess."

Senator Carper: (6:07 PM)
  • Spoke on the Cybersecurity bill.
    • SUMMARY " You say you would be most willing to allow the minority to offer amendments, relevant, germane amendments to the cybersecurity legislation. Literally in the last 30 minutes we have had on the floor leaders saying this, and I have heard them say it before, saying a limited number of relevant amendments. Senator McCain came to the floor, as you know, has not been real anxious to support the bipartisan legislation developed by Senators Lieberman and Collins and others, but we have had the antagonists to that legislation. The majority leader saying five, five amendments is relevant for the minority to be able to offer. We could at least take up the bill, debate the bill, and at the end of the day, you still need 60 votes to get the bill off the floor. I have heard so many of our colleagues say it's not an annual of if but it's when. I don't want us to leave here and go home for thanksgiving and leave this hang federal government we could actually do something relevant."

Senator Reid: (6:09 PM)
  • Responded.
    • SUMMARY "Just so everyone listening to my friend who has worked so hard on the bill that was just killed, understand what he he's talking about it's not a question of if, it's when, he is not talking about passing this bill, he's talking about a cyber attack on our country. We're in this beautiful capitol building today. All around America, we have government officials and private sector officials who are trying to thwart, the people are trying to destroy their businesses and parts of our country, infrastructure We have told everybody for months, months something's going to happen, and we have laid the groundwork, I'm sorry to say, to blame you guys for not doing something to take care of this issue. It's a big issue. It's an important issue for our country. This should have nothing to do with partisan politics. Why the chamber of commerce is doing what they're doing is beyond my ability to comprehend."