Moran, Crapo, Murphy

Executive Session (McWilliams Nominations)

Senator Moran: (4:41 p.m.)

  • Spoke in tribute to Major General Joseph Martin, USA.
    • "Mr. President, thank you. I wanted to take a moment to recognize Major General Joseph Martin and his outstanding military career which was made evident by a recent promotion to lieutenant general. He is in Fort Riley Kansas and assumed his command in October of 2016 when he took command of the Big Red One, the Army's longest serving permanent division since 1917. Since the days of taking command of the Big Red One, he deployed 500 of his soldiers to Iraq. He assumed and supported inherent resolve. His combat leadership was remarkable in Iraq. During the nine-month deployment he led the fight alongside the government in Iraq."


Senator Crapo: (4:44 p.m.)

  • Spoke on the nomination of Jelena McWilliams to be chairperson and member of the FDIC.
    • "She discussed how her personal experience has shaped her conviction in the FDIC's unique responsibility as a deposit insurer noting that one of the side effects of the civil war that broke apart the former Yugoslavia was a collapse of its financial system. Her parents who still live there had their savings disappear overnight when a local bank closed its doors. Yugoslavia had no deposit insurance and her then 68-year-old father returned to work as a day laborer. As she stated at her hearing, I can assure you that the core mission of the FDIC resonates profoundly with me and if confirmed, I will not take its mission or my duties lightly."


Senator Murphy: (4:49 p.m.)

  • Spoke on healthcare reform.
    • "These were in Maryland and Virginia. The rate filings were, quite frankly, catastrophic. While these were the worst of the bunch, all of the rate filings were much higher than the rate of medical inflation. The worst requested increase was one insurance plan in Maryland, asked for a 91% increase in premiums. One insurance plan in Virginia asked for a 64% increase in premiums. In Maryland the head of the insurance plan that asked for the 91% increase said that the reason for it was the continuing actions on the part of the administration to systematically undermine the market and make it almost impossible to carry out our mission."