Sanders, Peters, Cornyn, Toomey

Morning Business

Senator Sanders: (3:33 PM)

  • Spoke on paid time off.
    • "I am introducing legislation today to require employers to provide at least ten days of paid vacation to workers in this country. This is already done in almost every other major country on Earth, and it is one more way to demonstrate our commitment to real family values. So what we are saying is that if families are overworked, if husbands and wives don't even have the time to spend together with their kids, what family values are about is that at least for two weeks a year people can come together under a relaxed environment and enjoy the family. That is a family value that I want to see happen in this country. The time is long overdue for us to start talking about real family values, not about abortion, not about gay rights, but the values that the American people want to see inscribed in law to protect their families."


Senator Peters: (3:46 PM)

  • Spoke on the National Defense Authorization Act.
    • "This amendment will authorize joint research and development with Israel on anti-tunnel capabilities. This joint approach will help us work together on research and development against this shared threat. The amendment requires Israel to share in the cost of this research and provides a framework for sharing intellectual property developed together before action is carried out. This amendment would allow the Department of Defense to work with Israel to develop a capability that will be used to protect our homeland and our troops abroad as well as those of our ally. This amendment will make clear that joint research and development on anti-tunnel capability can and should be part of our security cooperation with Israel."


Senator Cornyn: (4:04 PM)

  • Spoke on cybersecurity.
    • "So I hope that the seven Democrats who actually voted to proceed on this cybersecurity bill will get some more allies. I can tell that not all of our friends across the aisle are comfortable with the Democratic leader's direction to block this cybersecurity legislation, and perhaps over the weekend, some will have second thoughts. And I hope as they have those second thoughts they will focus on our collective duty, to our troops and their families and to our duty as members of the United States Senate, to promote and protect the security of the American people. So let's get back to basics. Let's do what the American people elected us to do by voting on a bipartisan bill that will protect our country and provide for our troops."


Senator Toomey: (4:23 PM)

  • Spoke on the Baltimore riots.
    • "How many police lives are we going to sacrifice for this? One? 20? 100? This is outrageous. Each day across America there are 780,000 law enforcement officers who put on a badge and a uniform and they answer the call of those in need no matter the danger. When others run away, they run to the problem. And the rest of us in America rely on these law enforcement officers doing their job. The people who live in high crime areas often ethnic minorities living in high poverty areas of our inner cities, these are the folks who most depend on those officers. And when those officers are held back, we all pay a steep price but the res residents of those communities pay the steepest price. I just hope we in the federal government will stop putting obstacles in the way of law enforcement and start supporting them. I hope we as a nation will stop scapegoating law enforcement and start thanking them. If we fail to reverse the Ferguson effect what we will see is more violent crime and more suffering of our people."