Schumer, Durbin, Cornyn

Motion to Proceed to the vehicle for the immigration bill (H.R. 2579)

Senator Schumer: (3:34 p.m)

  • Spoke on DACA.
    • "The purpose here is not to make a point, as the Republican leader just said, that's easy. The purpose is to get something done. That's hard, but it really is so important. It won't be easy, it's certainly achievable. Democrats are fully committed to protecting dreamers and we have long supported effective border security. Many Republicans are in the same boat. The only enemy here is overreach. Now is not the time to place -- now is not the time, nor the place, to reform the entire legal immigration system. Rather, this is the moment for a narrow bill and every ounce of our energy is going into finding one that can pass."
  • Spoke on infrastructure funding.
    • "Unfortunately, despite a glaring need, the president's proposal would do very little to make our ailing infrastructure better. Instead of proposing direct federal investments to help all parts of the country, the trump infrastructure plan relies on private parties or state and localities to put up the lion's share of the money. In turn, those entities would either have to charge local taxpayers now tolls or raise taxes and other fees to pay for the new infrastructure. So a word that describes so much of the president's bill, probably about 80% of it, is Trump tolls."
  • Spoke on the president's FY2019 budget request.
    • "He slashes education, environmental protection and Medicare and Medicaid. While corporations reap billions in tax giveaways, older Americans now have to worry about the Trump Administration cutting Medicare and Medicaid. It's in his budget. Many others, including children and working families, would be hurt by the budget as well. If Americans want a picture of who president trump works for, the combination of the tax bill and this budget that he approached today make it crystal clear."


Senator Durbin: (3:47 p.m)

  • Spoke on DACA.
    • "And I hope that we can tackle it and get it done. Well, the question that needs to be asked is, what will be debated this week. I think a lot of things may be debated. It's an actual open debate on the floor, to some extent. And it could conceivably not only deal with DACA and the DREAM Act, it might even get into other immigration issues. There was a recent poll that was taken by Quinnipiac on some of the issues that might come before us this week in the United States Senate. The American people have been listening to this conversation, and they've come to some pretty interesting conclusions. This is a new Quinnipiac poll that was just released today. By a margin of 81% to 14%, Americans want dreamers to gain citizenship."


Senator Cornyn: (4:07 p.m)

  • Spoke on CFIUS.
    • "This is already - this has already been shown to happen in a number of documented cases. Standing by and allowing our national security to be compromised through these continued transfers of dual-use technology and know-how to China would be highly irresponsible if we just stood by and watched this continue to happen. That's why CFIUS, the committee on foreign investment in the U.S, that process needs to be updated and modernized. As its core, the bill I've introduced would expand the scope of reviewable transactions to more effectively address national security concerns. CFIUS has not been updated in more than 40 years, and since that time global threats like the one posed by China have grown in complexity and scope."
  • Spoke on DACA.
    • "It will be a process that's fair to all sides. Once we vote to adopt a motion to proceed, my colleagues and I will have the opportunity to have our proposals considered under regular order. In other words offer amendments, debate amendments and vote on the amendments. Amendments, as usual, will have a 60-vote threshold before they can be adopted. 60 votes, that's what we need. What I'm interested in is solving the problem, and that means not only a proposal that can get 60 votes, but one that can pass the house and be signed into law by President Trump."